About Us

Launched in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company is the first online custom shirt brand in India. We are on a mission to reinforce that world class quality and product can originate in Bombay. We marry contemporary product design and technology with old school tailoring techniques to bring you a high quality yet affordable product.

Contemporary Design, Classic Tailoring

At BSC, we help you channel your individuality, by providing design options that are curated to reflect the latest sartorial trends. We are constantly innovating with fabrics and refining designs to ensure the perfect blend of contemporary design and classic tailoring. We want you to be creative, so go ahead and express yourself.

Don't Pay Over the Top

Custom made shouldn't necessarily mean expensive – by selling directly to customers, we cut out the middle men, and pass the savings on to you. Customise as little or as much as you want, there are no extra charges. At BSC, made-to- measure becomes accessible - we believe everyone should wear a custom made shirt.

Impeccable Quality

We are on a mission to reinforce that world class quality & service can originate in Bombay. Our shirts are hand crafted at our state of the art facility. Our skilled operators use single needle construction to ensure clean finishing and durable seams. Collars are fused with high quality interlining to achieve a fine balance between volume and pliability.

Our Factory

Our factory, opened in June 2014 is based in bustling Lower Parel. What started with a handful of people, has grown into a substantial operation and the nerve center of BSC.

We control the entire shirt making process from start to finish – beginning with hand cutting the patterns to monogramming your initials. Custom shirts require custom machines and we use only the most sophisticated machinery to make your shirts.

The production team takes great pride in their working environment. Air-conditioned rooms and spotless floors, mean all guests are welcome, anytime.