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    Estimated shirt delivery is 10-14 Days. International fabrics may take up to 21 Days.
    If you order 3 or more shirts on your first order, we will send you a trial shirt for size confirmation.

    Help & Support


      • How do I design a shirt online?

        We predesign each of our fabrics with a unique design. Use our real-time customisation tool to change as few or as many elements as you like, before placing your order. The rest of the shirt elements will be produced just as you see in the image.

        To learn more about the process, and how it works, click here.

      • Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

        Of course not. Take a look at our Sizing page to learn everything you need to know.

      • Do you have Slim Fit shirts and Regular Fit shirts?

        Yes, we provide both Slim and Relaxed Fits. Slim Fit shirts are more fitted around the chest, waist, hips, and biceps. Relaxed fit allow for more breathing room around these areas.

      • How does the “Copy a Shirt” concept work?

        Everyone has a favourite shirt that fits them perfectly. We know this. Send us over this shirt, we’ll copy your measurements exactly (not the styling), and have it sent back to you along with your order. Work on your order will commence only once we’ve receive your shirt. If you've already created a profile with us, we will save the measurements of your sample shirt to your profile.

      • Are the measurements shirt or body measurements? What is the difference?

        At BSC, the measurements that you provide us are your Final Shirt Measurements, based on which your shirt will be produced.

        If you’ve taken your body measurements, please add a breathing margin to those measurements to arrive at your final shirt measurements. Our suggestions for margin are as follows:

        Chest/ Waist/ Hips - between 3"-5", depending on how comfortable or fitted you like your shirt

        Biceps - between 2"-3"

        Cuffs - 2.5"

      • Where do you source your fabrics and accessories?

        Our fabrics are sourced from some of the biggest mills in both India and Europe. Our trims, accessories and interlinings are carefully selected to complement the fabrics.

        To learn more about our fabrics and customisations, click here.

      • Where do you produce the shirts?

        Bombay Shirt Company shirts are proudly produced at our very own facility in Bombay. While each shirt is individually hand-cut, the sewing and fusing is carried out using state of the art machines. Read the About Us page for more details.

        Click here to read about us, our shirts and where they are produced.

      • Will my shirt shrink?

        We pre-wash all Bombay Shirt Company shirts to avoid shrinking. Make sure to check out and follow the care instructions mentioned on the care label. Specifically, avoid drying using high heat.

      • Where does BSC ship to? What are the charges?

        Regardless of where you are, we will make sure your order reaches you. For Domestic orders, shipping is free. For GCC countries, delivery is free facilitated by our Dubai store. For other countries, we charge a flat fee of $25, regardless of how many shirts you buy.

      • Can I change measurements on a current order?

        Once an order has been placed, it is very hard for us to change measurements. For us to deliver your order in the shortest possible timeframe, we begin production immediately. Send us an email, and we will see if we can help you with your changes.

      • I’m impatient. How long does it take to make and ship?

        Regardless of where you have ordered from, an indicative time period for your shirt to reach you is 14 days for domestic fabrics and 21 days for international bespoke fabrics from the time your order is confirmed. Of course, this is dependent on our courier partners as well.


      • Why should I create an account?

        Once you’ve created an account with us, your measurements and addresses are saved in our database. The next time you log in, all you have to do is design your shirt and select your payment option, before checking out. If your measurements change, you can log in anytime and edit them as required. You can also view your order history for past purchases.

      • Do you save credit card information?

        No, we do not store any credit/debit card information. We are as paranoid about your credit/debit card information as you are. Your payment details are encrypted and sent to the payment gateway for billing. At no point is this information stored by us.

      • Do you save my measurements? How can I access my previous measurements?

        Yes, if you purchase your shirt online, your last used measurements will be automatically saved to your account. If you purchase a shirt through our stores or Travelling Stylist, we’ll create an account and save your measurements for you. In the case of any alterations, BSC will save the necessary changes to your account.

        If you’ve previously shopped Online, at our Stores or through a Home Visit, your measurements are already saved to your Profile. Either login on the Homepage or during Checkout and select ‘Option 2 MADE-TO-MEASURE/ SAVED SIZES' during checkout to access your saved measurements.

        We realise that you may prefer different fits for different occasions, but we currently only accept one saved measurement.

      • Can I save a design and come back to it later?

        Unfortunately not. If you click a link outside the customisation process, you'll probably lose your design. So be careful, and make sure you add it to your cart before you get distracted!

      • Can I check my order history?

        If you’ve shopped online, through our Stores our via our Travelling Stylist, all your orders will be saved to your online profile.


      • What payment options do you offer?

        You can choose to pay either through our secure net banking facility by Credit or Debit Card or PAYTM wallet.

        For International customers, PayPal payments are accepted as well.

      • What currency will I see the prices?

        For all our customers shopping in India, our prices are displayed in Indian Rupees. For international customers, the prices displayed are in AED, US Dollars, GBP and Euro.

      • I’m based in India, how come I see the prices in Pounds/Dollars?

        There could be two reasons for it

        First, you may be using a proxy server, in which case we are helpless to change that. We can only suggest you access our website from a local internet connection.

        In other cases, try clearing your browser cache, you should see the price in the intended currency.

      • Does pricing differ based on the customisation combinations that I choose?

        No, pricing is based entirely on the fabric that you choose. Everything thereafter is included in the price. We rather you focus on coming up with a great design than stress about what you are paying for it. There are two occasions when prices may vary:

        · For chest sizes above 50”, there is an additional 10% surcharge on the MRP of the shirt.

        · Certain trims / accessories like leather and suede patches are chargeable.

      • Are there any additional taxes involved?

        Our domestic prices are exclusive of GST taxes. Tax is applicable at checkout. For shipments outside of India, taxes & customs duties, if any, must be borne by the customer.

      • How do I use my Gift Voucher?

        When somebody sends you a Gift Voucher, we automatically create an account for you, and save the amount as Loyalty Points to your profile, if you already have an account we will credit the points to it. You can redeem your points Online, at our Stores or through our Travelling Stylists.