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how to measure

Kindly place the shirt flat on a table and note the measurements in inches

NOTE: We accept shirt measurements in inches only.


Measure between the two points where the collar attaches to the collar band. Once the collar is buttoned up, there should be room for at least one finger to fit it in there with your neck.


Button up the shirt and lay it down on a flat surface. The should be measured from one armhole to the other, where the sleeve attaches to the body. Double the result (inches) for your final chest size.


Measure 8" down from the armpit, straight across. Determine the widest part of the waist and measure from one end to the other. Double the result (inches) for your final waist size.


Measure the width of the shirt at the bottom of the side seams. Double the result (inches) for your final hip size.


Start at the cross-section between the shoulder seam and collar, travelling down to your preferred shirt length. If you're unsure about the length, experts say an ideal shirt reaches the center of the trouser fly.

sleeve length

The sleeve and the shoulder meet at a point. Start here and travel south to the edge of the cuff. Don't fall off.


Find the tip of your shoulder, where the shoulder and sleeve attach. Measure from this point to the corresponding point on the opposite shoulder.


Determine and measure the widest part around your bicep, measure 6" down from the tip of the shoulder, and then across the widest part around your bicep. Double the measurement to arrive at your bicep size.


Flatten the cuff. Measure from over the button right up to the button hole.

short sleeve length

The length measured from the shoulder till the end of the short-sleeve.

short sleeve bottom opening

The circumference of the bottom edge (or opening) of a half-sleeve shirt.

shoulder yoke

The height of the shoulder panel measured vertically at the center-back

second button placement

Raising or lowering the first button on the shirt placket to change the spacing between the collar and the first button.