Sizing & Fit

If you’ve shopped Online, at our Stores or through a Home Visit, your Profile has been created & your measurements stored for the next time you shop.

Fit Guarantee
If you're not completely satisfied with the fit on your first order, we will alter your shirt or completely remake it free of cost.

Option 1

FitSmart: Your Custom Size in 1 Minute

We've collected and analysed countless data points to calculate the perfect fit.

No measuring tapes needed!

Select "Find My Size" during Checkout or in your Profile.

If you've had your measurements taken by a tailor, these are usually body measurements. Please ensure that you add a breathing margin to all values to get your final size. We recommend 3-5" around the chest, waist, and hips; 2-3" around the biceps; and 2.5" for the cuffs.

Option 2

Standard Size: XS to XXXL

This is ideal if you prefer a standard sized shirt, rather than a custom one.

Slim / Relaxed

Select "Standard Size" during Checkout or in your Profile.

Option 3

Send a Sample

If you own a shirt that fits you well, then we'll use the measurements for your future orders.

Print and ship your shirt using this packaging slip.

We'll copy the measurements and save them to your profile as your custom shirt size.
Your shirt will be shipped back to you with your order.

You can select "Send A Sample" during Checkout.