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    Estimated shirt delivery is 10-14 Days. International fabrics may take up to 21 Days.
    If you order 3 or more shirts on your first order, we will send you a trial shirt for size confirmation.

    Sizing and Fit

    If you’ve shopped Online, at our Stores or through a Home Visit, your Profile has been created & your measurements stored for the next time you shop.

    To use these measurements, select 'Your previously saved size' on sizing page.

    FitSmart: Your Custom Size in 1 Minute

    We've collected and analysed countless data points to calculate the perfect fit. No measuring tapes needed. Just answer a few simple questions.

    Fit Guarantee

    If you're not completely satisfied with your first shirt, do not worry. Write into our Customer Care team who will ensure a pain free rectification process. After we’ve identified the issue, we will either alter your shirt or completely remake it free of cost.

    If you are a first time customer and ordering 3 or more shirts, we will compulsorily send you 1 shirt as a trial to confirm the fit. Once you’re happy, we will proceed with the rest of your order.

    If you've had your measurements taken by a tailor, these are usually Body Measurements. Since we accept only Shirt Measurements, please ensure that you add a breathing margin to all values to get your final size. We recommend 3-5" around the chest, waist, and hips; 2-3" around the biceps; and 2.5" for the cuffs.

    Use our How to Measure guide to arrive at your fit.

    Alternatively, you may choose a Standard Size or Send us a Shirt to copy the measurements.