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Made to measure Vs Bespoke

Our sizing approach to shirts is made-to-measure. This is different from bespoke.

Made to measure

Made-to-measure clothing uses standardized patterns that are modified to fit your size. For example, if you wear a standard size 40, but have longer arms or a wider neck, these are the changes we can incorporate for you.



Bespoke tailoring entails making a new pattern from scratch for every individual wearer. It involves taking a sizeable number of measurements, resulting in longer production times and more expensive shirts.

Our patterns are digitized using CAD technology, and printed out each time an order is placed. Effectively, the individual digital pattern of every customer is saved in our database. This leaves little margin for error and ensures a consistent fit each time you order a shirt.

Offering made-to-measure shirts helps us run a scalable business, while providing our customers with better fitting shirts that won’t break the bank.