Try some muted shades this autumn-winter

October 18, 2017

Revive your wardrobe this winter season with printed denim shirts, check shirts in muted colours such as olive green and classic footwear like leather sneakers and ankle length boots.


Try Some Muted Shades This Autumn-Winter

October 18, 2017

High top leather sneakers in classic tones of tan, blue, black, wine and burgundy are quite in vogue and look on top of the fashion when teamed with slim fit denims and mock layered zippers.


Try some muted shades this autumn-winter

October 18, 2017

Akshay Narvekar, Founder of Bombay Shirt Company, Ishaan Sachdeva, Director of Alberto Torresi and Tabby Bhatia, Director of doles out tips on how to remain fashionable with muted shades the coming season.


Men, move over dark tones, try some muted shades this autumn-winter

October 18, 2017

In preparation for winter, revive your wardrobe with a fresh whiff of rich fabrics and classic footwear to keep yourself in line with the latest fashion but don’t forget to indulge in muted and autumnal shades apparels to enhance the sharp and robust look, say experts.


This curated list is all you need to upgrade your gifting game

October 16, 2017

Designer bags, colognes, travel kits and more: 30 ideas from GQ’s Diwali gifting guide for men.


Indian men are falling in love with their mirrors

August 22, 2017

The Bombay Shirt Company goes a step further: On its website, shoppers can customise their shirts down to the button and its thread after selecting from a vast variety of fabrics, including checks, stripes, and prints.


Why buy readymade when you can go custom: Akshay Narvekar

16th May, 2016

Bombay Shirt Company (BSC), which started as an online custom shirt brand in September 2012, pivoted to become a hybrid brand and has since launched two stores, one each in Mumbai's Kala Ghoda and Bandra (West).


A new range of shirts from the Bombay Shirt Company

26th April, 2016

The Bombay Shirt Company brings you the perfect blend of classic and contemporary shirt styles, giving you the power to personalize your wardrobe through its BSC Spring Ready collection. In a myriad mix of fabrics - from solid colours to checks, stripes and prints, and with shades and tones to complement the youth, the collection has something for everyone.


India's Leading Shirt Makers on Selecting Fabrics, Collars and the Perfect Fit

5th April, 2016

This month, India's leading shirt makers - Camessi, Bombay Shirt Company, 16stitches, Vitruvien and Threads & Shirts talk to MW about choosing fabrics, collars and the perfect fit. How important is fabric in the process of having a shirt made?


Meet the guy with a serious agenda to make every man look good

1st April, 2016

Back in 2012, Akshay Narvekar's personal need for a one-stop online platform which could customise his shirts drove him to build Bombay Shirt Company, India's first online custom shirt brand.


Best Tailored-Shirts Brands in India

18th March, 2016

Bombay Shirt Company - What started off as an online bespoke shirt brand now has a swanky store in Kalaghoda, Mumbai. Bombay Shirt Company is a leading name when speaking of designer custom shirts or bespoke garbs both for men and women.


You can now customise your shirt in a simulator

23rd February, 2016

The Bombay Shirt Company has always been about custom everything, and now they've brought their dizzying array of detailing to the digital age.Usually, when you picture a simulator, it's more likely an air force pilot in training than a haberdashery. But at the Bombay Shirt Company, the signature attention to detail has gone digital.


The fashion technology threatening India's tailors

17th January, 2016

The fashion technology threatening India's tailors India is known for its tailors, and getting shirts and suits made-to-measure is not just for the rich.But new businesses are offering an alternative way for men to get their bespoke clothing made - so what does this mean for the traditional trade?


3 colour combinations that suit every Indian man

28th October, 2015

Custom-made is a word you should be familiar with. It's the guiding philosophy for the menswear designers at SS HOMME and the Bombay Shirt Company, which puts them in a good position to help you out of this particular rut. Check out their new festive collaboration, Ceremonia, while you're at it.


SS HOMME & Bombay Shirt Company Joins Hands for a Festival Collection

28th October, 2015

It was a month of June when we took throught the ultimate journey of a bespoke suit with luxury menwear brand SS HOMME.


21 Cool Store every Man should Bookmark

27th October, 2015

From being able to order jeans made in Japan, to monogramming your initials on a custom made shirts,or personalising a pair of chinos to finding.


Style Check

24th October, 2015

Men's-only fashion stores,moustache tonic.


That shirt on your back

24th October, 2015

Considered to be conservative with their choices,Indian men are embracing quirkier shirts.


Bombay Shirt Club

25th September, 2015

The latest addition to a landscape of customisable clothing stores in Bandra.


Why the shirt must fit

19th August, 2015

Wearing the right shirt can make you feel like a million bucks.


The Dapper Darzi: Bespoke menswear is here to stay

30th November, 2014

From home visits to personalised monograms, new age designers do it all.


The Luxury Of Made To Measure

21st November, 2014

Bloomberg TV India takes a look at wavemakers in a new market. Watch at 6:45 mark to know.


BSC invited Team MissMalini

26th September, 2014

When BSC invited Team MissMalini over to come and take a look at what they do, I jumped at the opportunity. Watch the whole thing on MissMalini’s World on TLC.


The Shirt Master

13th September, 2014

Crisp bespoke shirts for everyday wear? Young entrepreneur Akshay Narvekar’s Bombay Shirt Company has hit a home run with the concept. Here’s the low-down on his start-up thoughts.


Expert Speak

September 2014

Akshay Narvekar speaks on how many shirts you should own and other everyday fashion conundrums.


Off my back

3rd August, 2014

From making the simplistic choice between formals and dress to negotiating his way through seersucker, nailhead and Ozwald, a man journeys to rediscover the everyday shirt.


Bombay Shirt Company launches its flagship store in Mumbai

1st August, 2014

Set in in South Mumbai's art district, Kala Ghoda, the new Bombay Shirt Company flagship store is a tailored shirt fan's delight. Boasting a minimalist brick and mortar set up, you'd be forgiven for not believing you were in a creative workspace in the heart of a horn-blaring city.


The Bombay Shirt Company, Kala Ghoda

17th July, 2014

Just when you thought Kala Ghoda was bursting at the seams, tailors trot in to sew it back together.


The Right Fit

14th July, 2014

Mumbai-based entrepreneur Akshay Narvekar's business card doesn't mention a definite designation.


Bombay Shirt Company's Spanking New Store

16th June, 2014

When the Bombay Shirt Company launched online in 2012, it had a simple game plan: Allow men the option of micro-managing their wardrobes with about 150 possible customizations for a basic shirt.


Patni brothers buy stake in online custom shirt brand.

10th June, 2014

Brothers Amit Patni and Arihant Patni said on Monday that they had purchased a significant stake in Mumbai-based Bombay Shirt Co. (BSC), India’s first online custom shirt brand, for an undisclosed amount.


The Perfect Fit

3rd June, 2014

I have always loved bespoke tailoring and one-of-a-kind pieces in fashion. To be able to design your own piece of clothing is a luxury not many men have been fortunate to have


Bombay Shirt Company now makes custom-made shirts for women too

26th February, 2014

Finding a shirt that fits women perfectly isn’t easy, especially since most shirts that are spotted on mall racks aren’t cut to fit sizes. For those who don’t have the time to head to a tailor to get a shirt stitched, Bombay Shirt Company offers a brilliant option to customise one’s shirt-from collar to cuff details.


Fitting it Right: Bombay Shirt Company

21st December, 2013

Being fashionable is no longer a woman’s prerogative. Akshay Narvekar feels as passionately about his own wardrobe as other blokes his age. He’s no designer but the 31 year-old has found a way for men to design and tailor their own shirts, down to the last stitch—all at the click of a button.


Off The Cuff: My Bespoke Shirt Experience at Bombay Shirt Company

2nd September, 2013

Riaan George, a noted luxury and lifestyle expert had this to say when he visited Bombay Shirt Company for his very own custom-made shirt. "A great service of international standards and the choices on offer are beyond impressive. The overall finish of the product, the packaging and the process, is top! I can safely put this in the rarefied list of ’my current favourite brands’."


Custom Made

16th August, 2013

The Bombay Shirt Company has a detailed bespoke service that allows you to design your own shirt from scratch or make changes to one of their readymade designs.


Shirting the Issue

26th July, 2013

Your shirt can now be an exact size 40.27, in your favourite cerulean blue with a quirky collar, cuffs and even pockets in odd places, thanks to the Bombay Shirt Company (BSC). Based in Mumbai, BSC promises quality tailoring with a large selection in contemporary styles.


Shirts Only Made for You

18th July, 2013

Make an appointment with the BSC Travelling Tailor to customise the shirt of your dream, from the cut and fabric right down to cuffs ? all in the comfort of your own home!


Bombay Shirt Company | Easy shirts

24th June, 2013

The Bombay Shirt Company (BSC), based in the city of its name, allows customers to call a travelling tailor home, get measured up and get clothes of their choice in a sort-of “design your own shirt” way. “Bespoke has a connotation of being snooty,” says Akshay Narvekar, 30, co-founder of the BSC, which started operations in September. “We say design is for everyone.”


Suit Yourself

22nd June, 2013

The Bombay Shirt Company offers a comprehensive menu of choices in fabrics - with options ranging from workaday checks, stripes and solids to more adventurous prints - and in details like collar, cuffs, placket, buttons, pocket, pleats and monograms.


The Traveling Tailor: Dar-ji Spot!

10th June, 2013

Men, still looking for innovative ways to put a shirt on your back? Call the Traveling Tailor, a darji that shows up at your doorstep (for no extra charge) with fabric swatches and a measuring tape, and lets you customise a shirt.


Father's Day Gift Guide

7th June, 2013

Introduce him to BombayShirtCompany, a website that lets you be your own custom-tailor. Log on and, with easy-to-follow steps, select your fabric, size (custom measurements available) and the trims (you can customise your collar, cuffs, pockets, buttons, plackets, pleats and monogram style). It’ll make his life easier.


Fashion Conscious

31st May, 2013

The elusive founder Akshay Narvekar, returned from Los Angeles to work for a private equity fund. Later, the Bombay Shirt Company came into existence, an innovative concept, which enables the consumer to create their own product. “From a functional perspective, no one really has the time to go to a tailor, get fabric, get measured and stay updated about the follow up process.


The Top 100 Online Stores

March, 2013

The easy to use site offers well-cut bespoke shirts in great packaging.


Bombay Shirt Company | Tinker Tailor

20th February, 2013

He looked positively dashing! We just had to ask the man opposite us on the bus where he'd bought his awesome pink shirt. Everyone loves a good compliment, so he leaned in close and whispered his special find: he had created his own personalised shirt online with the Bombay Shirt Company.


Male Order

February, 2013

Akshay Narvekar, founder of Bombay Shirt Company has a passion for bespoke tailoring and takes it forward through his website. It's like a buffet table with plenty of choices, maybe even too many at times. The best part is that they offer you customization options you might not even have considered.


Made to Order

December, 2012

You turn designer here. Through simple options on their website, you pick details such as type of collar button, fabric and cuffs for your shirt. To make sure the fit is perfect, you can either pick from ready made sizes or tweak their measurements. You can also send in a well fitting shirt of yours to replicate the measurements.


All things shirt: Can these online shirt retailers make a style statement?

31st August, 2012

On the site, customers can choose from 26 different fabrics and the company is planning to add another 15 by mid-September. Plus, one can choose from checks, solids, strips and prints. Once the fabric is finalised, one can customise other things – length and other measurement, cuffs, collar, buttons, placket, pleat and even monograming (you can put your initials on the shirt).


Bespoke for the People

15th August, 2012

We've been hanging out with all sorts of people of late, all to aid our quest to bring you stories that deserve to be in India's most admired men's magazine (and website). To that end, we were chatting with a certain distinguished gentleman the other day about yachts (he insisted we call them boats), when an off-the-cuff remark he made got us thinking.


The Bombay Shirt Company: Sleeve Jobs

14th April, 2012

Boys, how do you get measured for a shirt? Put on a French song by The Plastiscines. Get a measuring tape and give it to your significant other. If you don’t have one, get “a friend, or um, your mother”. So goes the instructional measurement video on The Bombay Shirt Company website, a fun feature that immediately sets this bespoke shirt builder apart from other e-commerce platforms for men in India.