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Wash care instructions

The life and quality of your shirt depends on how you treat the shirt and the inherent fabric. Follow our simple wash care instructions to understand how to best care for your shirt and give it a much longer shelf life. 

Our shirts require very basic care and can be hand or machine washed at home. All you need is a gentle detergent and some cold water. We strongly recommend you use this simple wash care method in order to prolong the life of your shirt.

Do not dry clean your shirts, as the chemicals used in the process will weaken the fibres of the fabric. Refrain from using starch, bleach or any other chemicals. 

Always hang dry your shirts, making sure they’re not in direct line with the sunlight. Absolutely do not use tumble dryers, as it will result in immediate shrinkage owing to the delicate nature of the fabrics. When ironing the shirt, use a warm iron and do so while the shirt is slightly damp.

Owing to the fine nature of the fabric, a shrinkage of up to 2% can be expected upon wash.

  • machine
  • no dry clean
  • tumble dry