Men’s Shirts: Regular Fit vs Slim Fit

Gone are the days when men’s attire had only one standard size. Over the years, trends have changed, and men’s fashion has grown more inclusive in terms of colour, body type, and overall fit.

Men have different body types - athletic, having a slight or significant belly. For each of these, the shirt can be crafted differently to provide a custom fit. For instance, a shirt may be of a regular fit (referred to as a Structured Fit on the Bombay Shirt Company website), a slim or relaxed fit. Knowing the right fit for you is essential if you intend to nail any casual or formal looks.

This article mainly discusses the difference between slim fit and regular fit. Let us get right into it.

What is A Regular Fit (Structured Fit) Shirt?

It is the conventional type of men’s fitting that has existed for ages and is also known as the classic fit. 

A regular-fit shirt is roomier, and its structure allows more effortless movement. Ease of movement goes hand in hand with comfort, and it is safe to say that the regular-fit shirt design has your comfort in mind.

What is A Super Slim Fit (Slim Fit) Shirt?

On the other hand, a slim-fit shirt primarily gets designed with your best features in mind as it is more form-fitting to amplify your physique.

So what is the difference between the regular fit and slim fit? More on that in the next section.

What is The Difference Between Structured Fit and Relaxed Fit Shirts?

Structured Fit
Relaxed Fit


They are both loosely fitting to offer comfort, but the relaxed fit is looser than the structured (regular) fit. The relaxed fit will be a good choice if you like layering your shirts with other garments beneath. The relaxed fit also conveys a more casual look.

What is The Difference Between Slim Fit and Regular Fit Shirts?

Slim Fit
Regular Fit

Knowing the difference between regular and slim-fit shirts is vital to avoid looking sloppy on the various occasions you grace. Progressively, by the end of this piece, you will be able to distinguish a slim fit from a regular fit shirt.

Regular fit vs super slim fit

The main visible difference between slim and regular fit shirts is that the latter is more loose-fitting, whereas the former is more form-fitting. 

Besides the shape, the other distinguishing factor is available sizes in that regular fitting shirts have more range in terms of sizes as it goes over neck size 19”. In contrast, regular fitting shirts may be scarce in availability past a specific neck size (17.5”).

Now that we have laid out the main differences between the regular fit and slim fit let us get into how each of them should fit.

Super Slim Fit Shirts vs Regular Shirts: How They Should Fit

Knowing the difference between regular-fitting and slim-fitting shirts is one thing, but their feel on your body is another. 

You should be on the lookout for mistaking a classic fitting shirt for an oversized one. Knowing your shirt size is the first step toward understanding the best shirt fit for you.

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Worry not if you have been through this, as it frequently happens to the best of us. We got you! Making mistakes is part of the learning process. 

Anyway, let us get back to our primary focus, the regular fit versus the slim fit (mentioned to ensure we are on the same page).

So, how should the neck, waist, and cuffs feel on your body? More on this shortly.

How Should A (Structured) Regular Shirt Fit?

The regular shirt loosely fits around the neck, cuffs, chest, shoulders, and more, but this is not to say that it is oversized. Men of different body types can wear classic-fitting shirts. 

However, if you have a big body frame or are bellied, it is advisable to have your shirts tailored to a regular fit. 

How Should A Super Slim Fit Shirt Fit?

Conversely, slim-fitting shirts have a tighter fit as the material cuts closer to your body. Men of all sizes and shapes can wear these shirts. Slim-fitting shirts have a different effect on different body types. 

For instance, if you are plus-sized, the right-sized slim-fitting shirt may make you appear a bit slender alongside amplifying your best features. The same goes for you if you have a more petite frame.

Super Slim Fit vs Regular Fit Shirts: When to Wear These Different Fittings

Slim or regular-fitting shirts are wearable on different occasions but knowing when to wear them is vital.

There are several factors to consider when choosing what to wear for your different occasions. Firstly, is the event formal or informal? Also, what fitting is most comfortable for you?

A regular fitting shirt is ideal for office wear or strenuous activities requiring lots of movement, such as sports or manual labour.

A slim-fitting shirt may also be worn for the occasions mentioned above but is ideal when worn to the office and other suit and tie occasions such as weddings.

However, besides knowing when to wear these fittings and the ones that flatter your body type the most, your fit choice largely depends on your preference. 

Perfect Super Slim, Relaxed or Structured Fit Shirt For Your Different Occasions

Are you now able to differentiate between a regular and slim fit? If not, we are here to help you sort out regular fits versus slim fits.

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