Men’s Guide To Wearing Shorts

In the early 60s, shorts were mainly worn as school bottom wear. However, over the years, men of all ages have progressively grown to embrace shorts which have seen them transition from ordinary school bottom wear to swimwear to trendy summer bottom wear.

There are several types of shorts for men, but most men prefer to wear them indoors. What is your favourite type of shorts? Are you the type that likes to wear shorts indoors instead of outdoors? Or would some styling tips help you wear them outside more often?

A reliable study shows that even more men would be willing to wear shorts outside if they knew more versatile ways to style them. If you are looking for some tips on how to wear shorts stylishly, this article is for you.

Types of Shorts for Men

There are different types of shorts for guys for various occasions. These different types of shorts for men vary in fabric, hem length, zip, and hem pattern. Here is a brief rundown of the different types of men’s shorts you need.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are a wardrobe staple and come in varying knee lengths. Our brand Korra has an awesome collection of different types of shorts for men of all body types and sizes. They come in varying colours too.

Terry towel shorts

These are classy and comfortable, and if you want to add a few to your collection, our terry towel shorts would be a good investment.

Multicoloured shorts

You can get into the summer vibe with a classy pair of tie-dye and ombre-coloured shorts and be trendy and comfortable simultaneously.

So, when can you wear your favourite type of shorts? More on that soon.

When to wear shorts 

Shorts are one of the most comfortable garments; thus, you can easily be tempted to wear them on the wrong occasion.

First, before getting into the required occasions, weather plays a significant role and dictates whether or not you can wear shorts. A big downside of shorts as bottom wear is that they are not all-weather garments (no matter the material of the type of shorts) as you can only wear them during warm weather.

Additionally, you can wear shorts to the gym, sleep, or work. As unbelievable as it may sound, some lucky lads do get away with wearing shorts to work. If you are one of the lucky ones, mind getting a few more tips on how to style different types of shorts for guys? We hope not, as more of that will be coming soon.

But first, let us look into when not to wear shorts.

When Not to Wear Shorts

There are different kinds of shorts for guys meant for various occasions. It is essential to be mindful of the event. For instance, you cannot wear your favourite pair of shorts to a wedding just because it’s a wedding. 

Well, not unless it is a wedding by the beach side and you are in a wedding suit with short pants.

Also, you cannot wear denim shorts to the gym or sleep as all these activities require ease of movement, which denim material does not provide. You may want to look into a type of shorts with a more flexible material.

Now that we have established the importance of being mindful as you choose the best type of shorts for your occasion. Let us get into the best part yet.

How to Style Different Types of Shorts for Men

Shorts are very versatile in terms of styling. The outcome mainly depends on your desired style aesthetic and the event you intend to grace.

Here are a few tips to help you wear different types of shorts for guys stylishly.

1. With a t-shirt

Most if not all kinds of shorts for men would look good if paired with a t-shirt. You may also spice this up by adding a button-up shirt as an overshirt. A shirt and t-shirt combination would add some sophistication to your overall look.

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2. In a two-piece outfit

A two-piece short suit or casual set is a must-have for every man. It is time to put your trouser suits to rest and turn up to that dinner party in a short suit set.

A set of single-coloured or multicoloured short sets would also be a great addition to your wardrobe. The best part is that you do not have to stress about how to pair it as it is already a complete set.

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3. With a button-down shirt

You can also pair different types of shorts for men with casual button-downs such as flannels, linen shirts, patterned shirts, and many more. 

Short-sleeved shirts pair well with different types of shorts for men, whereas a long-sleeved shirt is best worn with an undershirt. Remember to keep both untucked for casual events and tucked for work or any other formal occasion.

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4. With a button-up shirt

Another way to pair different types of shorts for guys is by wearing a casual button-up. A short-sleeved shirt would be best; remember to keep it untucked. A long-sleeved shirt would also work, but it looks better when left unbuttoned and worn with an undershirt.

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5. With a sweatshirt, blazer or sleeveless puffer jacket

Now that you have a few shirt styling ideas adding layers may dress up or dress down your look. It is an incredible way to style different types of shorts for men, adding varying effects to almost all kinds of shorts for guys.

Wearing a sleeveless puffer jacket with various types of shorts for men dresses down your overall look. Conversely, wearing a blazer or sweatshirt with certain types of shorts for guys will make you appear more dressed up.

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Before purchasing a pair of shorts, always ensure they are of the right length. The right length sits somewhere between your knee caps and thighs. Avoid wearing shorts beyond your knee length for a neater look.

If you have trouble finding a pair that fits perfectly, you may want to look into tailored shorts. Our brand Korra has a unique collection of different kinds of shorts for men and many other types of denim jeans.

Best Men’s Shorts Brand

Hopefully, the article has helped you gain inspiration on how to style your favourite type of shorts. If not, our stylists are here to help. 

Bombay Shirt Company has brands such as Cityof_ and Korra, which have different types of men’s shorts. Korra, in particular, offers custom-tailored shorts.

Korra caters to all body types, and you can be sure to get your size within seconds whether you have an athletic body, are slight-bellied or significant-bellied. You can customise your pair of shorts according to your preferred length, rise, waistband, and fly design.

If you want to add different types of shorts for guys to your collection of shorts, connect with us to get your risk-free quote. 

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