Korra is a conscious choice

Our products are useful everyday. There is an assurance of quality as each piece is made to order for you. We use natural or recycled materials with an emphasis on sourcing elements locally.

This makes our products comfortable and beautiful, inside and out.

What is

A specialized denim fabric in which the edges of the textile are woven tightly in a crisscross pattern to prevent the fraying of loose ends. It’s also called ‘self - finished’ edge as it doesnt require additional finishing work.

Anatomy of
our Jeans

A pair of selvedge jeans is carefully sewn, with custom button and rivets, machined from solid brass. Only sustainable raw materials are used.

Financial pressures make sustainability difficult for fashion brands

“We want our consumers to slow down and consume consciously. We don’t make any garment until the order comes through. Our ‘no inventory model’ means we don’t have huge volumes of clothes lying in our factories that get thrown into landfills if they’re not bought.”

Making Fashion Sustainable

Korra Jeans can be credited for pioneering the movement, being one of the first homegrown brands to exclusively offer customised denim.There is a strong emphasis on the environment and its sustainability – made from recycled materials and ensuring a zero-waste approach.

Denim: A Way of Life

Korra focusses on made-to-order as it reduces the need to keep inventory in the hope of a potential sale. Choosing raw materials for their sustainability so as to reduce the burden on nature.

In conversation with Korra founders

Making a product which is at the core comfortable, and which can be worn everyday, without distinguishing what type of person should wear it or for what reason. I think that purpose preceded what we did to the product.

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Fit Guarantee

94% of customers love their fit the first time around. Enjoy shopping risk free with our lifetime alterations, remakes or refunds until you’re completely satisfied.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping within India. Flat fee for international shipping. Orders ship within 7 - 9 days as each piece is made only when you order.