How to Stylishly Wear A Striped Shirt For Any Occasion

Striped shirts have been a wardrobe staple since time immemorial. Successfully achieving a striped shirt outfit look is relatively easy. However, if pairing a striped shirt outfit is challenging, you are in luck as we break it down in this article.

Before learning how to wear a striped shirt, let us first differentiate the various designs of striped shirts.

Types of Striped Shirts For Men

Striped shirts are available in different designs to cater to every occasion. So how do you differentiate between striped shirt outfits meant for formal or casual events? How about styling a striped long-sleeved shirt outfit?

In this case, the key aspects you need to observe include shirt colour, body type, height, and the type of stripes on the shirt. The sleeve type does not matter much, but how you pair up your long-sleeved shirt outfit to suit that formal or casual event.

Are the stripes of that favourite shirt you wish to style vertical or horizontal?

Vertical Stripes vs Horizontal Stripes


Essentially, each of these stripes will flatter your body type differently. For instance, vertical shirts are the most suitable for achieving a tall illusion. Conversely, the horizontal stripes would be a good fit if you want to give off a broader illusion of your body.

Striped shirt outfits for men look good in different stripes, but a good outcome heavily depends on the styling technique. Anyway, our article mainly aims to focus on how to wear vertical striped men's shirts.

How to Style Vertical Striped Shirt

When it comes to colours, most men like to play it safe as you better be safe than sorry, especially during formal occasions. You can style striped shirt outfits for various men's occasions differently.

Black and blue are men's favourite go-to colours as most of their clothes are in one of those colours. So if you are trying to figure out how to wear vertical striped shirt men's shirts, here are a few striped shirt outfit ideas you need to add up your sleeves.

How to Wear a Striped Men's Shirts

Here are some helpful tips to help you nail that striped shirt men's outfit. 

Sticking to The Theme

First, if you want to pull off a striped shirt outfit successfully, you must keep to the theme of the occasion you will be attending. Is it a formal dinner? Or a casual event? Do you want to wear a black and white striped shirt outfit to the office?

More on key factors you should not overlook in the next section. 

Choosing a colour scheme

Since our main focus is striped shirt outfit ideas for men, we will highlight their favourite colours (blue and black). Nevertheless, a little pop of colour will not hurt, especially if your workplace's dress code is flexible or during informal events.

  1. Black and White Striped Shirt Outfit Ideas

There are several striped shirt outfit ideas for men. For starters, you can hardly ever go wrong with black. A black and white striped shirt paired with a suit makes you look effortlessly sharp.

Another black and white striped shirt outfit idea involves pairing with jeans, slacks, or chinos, depending on the occasion. You can also dress down your favourite black and white striped shirt with shorts. 

  1. Blue and White Striped Shirt Outfit Ideas

When it comes to blue and white striped shirt outfit ideas, they are no different from what we have just covered above. You can dress up your favourite blue and white striped shirt with a suit. You can also dress it down with shorts or distressed jeans.

The criteria for coming up with black and white striped shirt outfit ideas also apply to blue and white striped shirt outfit ideas.

Choosing Bottoms

Your black and white striped dress shirt office outfits include bottoms such as chinos or slacks. The chinos or slacks should be of muted neutral colours for formal occasions. Also, it would be best if you matched a black and white striped dress shirt office outfit with similar patterned pants.

Another important tip on how to wear a striped men's dress shirt is to match the shirt colour with the bottoms. For instance, pairing your blue and white striped shirt with blue jeans can make one solid look.

Wondering how to make your striped shirt men's outfit look more put together with minimal effort? More on that soon.

Layering Your Look

Adding layers works well to complete your striped shirt outfit. Layers can easily take your striped shirt outfit from an average of five to ten instantaneously. A few examples of layers include stylish scarves, ties, trench coats, waistcoats, sweaters, and denim jackets. 

Layering your striped shirt outfit makes you look stylish and comes through for you during cold seasons. For instance, a popular black and white striped shirt outfit idea include adding a denim jacket or blazer, depending on the occasion.

Mixing Your Patterns

Do not shy away from mixing your vertical and horizontal stripes to spice up your striped shirt outfit. However, it would help if you were mindful of the colours.

Knowing all the above-mentioned puts you at a step ahead, but since style is also about attention to detail, here are some nitty gritties you should not overlook when styling striped shirt outfits for men. 

Dos and Don’ts of Styling Men's Striped Shirt Outfit

Here are a few tips on how to wear a striped men's shirt:

  • When mixing stripes, avoid pairing horizontal stripes with horizontal stripes.
  • Ensure that your striped shirt perfectly fits you. You can also opt to have your shirts tailor-made to perfection for you.
  • Thin stripes are perceived as more formal and more suitable for normal occasions.
  • Thick stripes are perceived to be less formal and are the best fit for casual events.
  • Ensure your shirt is well ironed for a neat look

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Best Striped Shirts For All Occasions

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