Your 4-Step Guide To Wearing A Printed Shirt

Wearing a printed piece of clothing can be tricky business — you can either get your look on point or it could lie on the other end of the spectrum. And to save you from the latter, we bring you key rules to bear in mind when reaching out for that printed shirt in your closet. They’re simple, easy to follow, and will ensure you ace that print without trying too hard.

#1: Keep your bottoms neutral – grey, beige, or navy are a safe bet. Be it trousers, chinos or denims, remember to pick a solid pair. They help tone things down, while keeping your shirt the focus.

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#2: Break your look with a blazer, jacket, or sport coat depending on how formal or casual the event is. This also comes handy if you want to take your print from desk to dinner. It adds that touch of elegance to your look. Again, reach out for classic, solid colours. A little texture on your jacket could help. But nothing too loud.

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#3: Choose your shoes wisely – pick a pair that is simple. Tan or black brogues work well for a formal look. Opt for sneakers for a more casual look – restrict it to a solid black or white pair.

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#4: Keep your accessories minimal – break the print of your shirt with a tan or black belt. Try and stay away from ties. If you’re dressing up your jacket with a pocket square, opt for a solid one from the same colour family of your shirt.

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Easy, right?
Remember to let your printed shirt be the talking point here – keeping the rest of your look as clean, muted, and pared down as possible.