Men’s Clothing Style Guide for Different Body Types

Have you ever mentally pictured how good you will look in a particular outfit, then put it on and realize that it wasn’t quite what you imagined? Ever wondered why? Most often, the reason for this is the differences in body type and the way garments are manufactured to standard body profiles and sizes.

Frowned upon or forgotten? The former is primarily true as topics revolving around “how to dress for our body types” are frowned upon across all genders. The key factors on how to choose a dress for your body type and choosing a shirt for your body shape are all the same.

So you are probably wondering, “how should I dress for my body type?” If you want to know how to choose clothes for your body type. We got you! 

How to Dress for Your Type and Age

How to dress for your body shape may be a little tricky for men. There is a lot that goes into proper outfit execution regarding body type; valid points to consider include:

  • Knowing your body type.
  • Knowing how to dress according to body type.

As illustrated, the consistent theme is learning how to dress for your shape. How to dress for your body type and age has been one of the most debatable tabloid topics for a minute.

Is age a factor when it comes to dressing?

It could be and could very well be not, as age is a relative factor, as it ultimately depends on your preference. However, the majority believe that knowing how to dress for your type and age could elevate your look. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to dress for your body type and age.

Clothing Styles for Men’s Body Types

There are all kinds of body sizes and shapes. As a result, there are numerous body types. 

Therefore, it is unfair to cluster everyone in one group as this criterion is hugely non-inclusive. Over the years, the fashion industry has made strides to bridge the gap between the plus-size and the petite by making room for more custom-made pieces instead of ready-made pieces. 

We have also made our mark on the same by ensuring we help you bring that tailor-made piece you have been eyeing to life. Our website could also serve as an inspiration as it has some of our made-to-order designs.

First things first, knowing your body type is integral in helping you know how to style for your body type. Men particularly have five common body types. They include:

  • Triangle- You are probably in this category if you are wide-bottomed with narrow shoulders and are slightly wide chested.
  • Inverted triangle- Are you familiar with Johnny Bravo, the cartoon character? No? Both of you are body frame mates with wide torsos, narrow hips, and waist.
  • Rectangle- This is a proportional frame, and slender men primarily fall under this category.
  • Trapezoid- It is almost similar to the rectangular frame. The main difference is that men under this category have broader shoulders, a wide chest, and a slightly narrow waist.
  • Oval- Men under this category have slim hips and shoulders, whereas their waist is wide.

The body types mentioned above are not all-inclusive, but most men fall under either of these groups. If you are still unsure of your body type, you could seek a second opinion from your friend or your significant other.

Now that we have already established the popular body types for men, you can maximize your strengths for that chic work, weekend, or casual event look. The first step in nailing how to dress men’s different body types is by adding structure to your frame.

Triangle Body Type

You can effortlessly add structure to this look by leaning into layering your upper body. Layering is a styling technique that necessarily adds bulk to your upper body. It involves pairing shirts, blazers, jackets, and other upper body wear for a chic look. 

Also, investing in shoulder-padded blazers and trench coats is a good start. Pairing your neutral-colored chinos or denim pants with bright-colored patterned shirts like our Pyramid Peak shirt is a good styling tip to add to your books. 

Avoid polo shirts as they are slim fitting making it hard to achieve a bulky upper body look.

So how do you dress the inverse of this body type?

Inverted triangle Body Type

Here, the aim is to create an illusion of proportion by shifting focus from your torso as the main focal point. You can lean into horizontally striped, plain, or v-necked muted neutral shirts.

Also, ensure your pants or shorts are of the right fit to avoid looking too skinny on your bottom half. You can spice things up with brightly colored accessories such as a belt.

If you have this body frame, avoiding patterned shirts and padded coats and blazers would be in your favor.

Rectangle Body Type

How to dress for your shape has never been simultaneously easier but trickier. It is so because knowing how to dress for your body type for men with this frame only involves maintaining proportion. 

How to dress for your body type for men under this category is easy because, in this case, proportion already exists but tricky because your outfit choice could easily mess that up. So how can you maintain proportion? 

You can do this by perfecting your layering technique, wearing single-breasted blazers, and detailed shirts while infusing a pop of color help to enhance your best features. You could also accessorize with scarves.

Trapezoid Body Type

How to dress for your body shape in this frame requires you to stick to slim-fit trousers, which may sometimes be a challenge to find from off-the-rack pieces. Hence, you can also have them tailored. 

If you have this body type, checked, vertical striped, and plaid shirts, such as our unique Somelos checked shirts available on our website, would be a great addition to your closet. They are of different fabrics and colors.

Accessorize with standard-sized ties. Avoid baggy clothes.

Oval Body Type

How to dress for your body in this shape involves abiding by the usual basics. Some include wearing slim-fit shirts, single-breasted coats, loosely fitting denim, chinos, or shorts. You can also accessorize with bow ties, belt-length ties, and suspenders.

If you have this body type, avoid skinny and patterned shirts, as they will draw attention to your torso.

Based on our brief discussion, how to dress for your body type and age barely focuses on the latter. Age may be a defining factor for some individuals and places such as work. All the same, knowing how to dress for your body shape slightly overweigh it. 

If you want to elevate your smart-casual work look, you might want to read this: How To Wear Casual Shirts and Look Sharp at Work.

Final Steps: How to Find Clothes That Fit Your Body Type

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