Bombay Shirt Company has always been about creating great quality shirts that people can customise and design just the way they like. We want people to express their individuality and create something that they truly love to wear. 

That's why collaborating with textile design house, Safomasi, was a no-brainer for us.

Say hello to Sarah and Maninder, the crazy talented duo behind the brand. They are masters of original illustrated fabrics, homewares and accessories — all designed to spark joy, colour and character into your home. Here's what they had to say about the collaboration.

“We loved working with the Bombay Shirts team on this collaboration. It’s always interesting for us to create prints for different products and to reach new people, but what’s great about Bombay Shirts is that each shirt is made to order and customisable, so it allows you to really make it your own style. We came upon the theme of ‘Lucky’ shirts because we could all use a little luck right now! We hope they give you a small boost and make you feel a bit better, in these tough times.” - Sarah & Maninder

With the way the past year has been, we could all do with some love and luck in our lives, so we thought 'why not WEAR your luck?'. That's how the idea behind the ‘Lucky Charms’  collection came about. 

Each shirt in this limited edition collection is based off of a lucky charm designed by Safomasi and crafted into 100% cotton satin shirts in summer ready, sorbet hues by Bombay Shirt Company. We hope this playful, vibrant collection of shirts spreads some positivity and good cheer to everyone that wears it. Wondering how to style them? Here are a few tips!

Get your hands on our  'Horseshoe', 'Fingers Crossed' & 'Lucky Cat' shirts before they're gone and get ready to inject a shot of whimsy into your summer wardrobe.

About Safomasi: Safomasi is an award-winning design studio and brand with storytelling at its heart. They design original illustrated fabrics, homewares and accessories that tell the story of their adventures around the world. Based between the UK and India, their aim is to create beautiful, characterful and uplifting patterns that bring joy and colour to your life.