It all starts with the fabric

We make designing your own shirt as easy as pie. Pick a shirt in the fabric you like, customise it just the way you want, answer a few simple questions to get your perfect size, add your initials to the shirt if you’re feeling a bit extra…. you know the drill. 

But what do you really know about the fabric you’ve selected? We use only the highest quality fabrics sourced from the finest mills across the world in timeless (and sometimes quirky) designs that will give you shirts that you can turn to again and again. 

We believe that the most sustainable piece of clothing is the one you don’t buy at all. So when we source our fabrics we make sure they’re impeccably woven so they last you for years to come. We want you to wear your clothes for years, even if that means you shop less from us. 

Here’s a quick guide on some of the different fabrics we offer.

linen-shirts-custom madeLinen

Made from natural fibres of the flax plant, we source 100% Italian linen to craft a range of colourful shirts that are soft, breathable and durable. With natural moisture wicking properties, this fabric is ideal to wear in warmer climes. And did you know, this fabric actually gets better with age? It gets softer and softer with each wash.

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When to wear a linen shirt: These casual shirts are made for fun in the sun. Wear them to a day at the beach over chinos or shorts. 

oxford-shirts-custom madeWashed Oxford

With a characteristic 'basket' weave, oxford fabric is treated with a special wash leading to a unique puckered seam and a casually wrinkled effect. Our colourful Washed Oxford shirts feel sturdy, durable and super comfortable.

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When to wear a washed oxford shirt: Slip into one of these versatile shirts when running errands, heading to a family lunch or even just relaxing at home.


Cotton lycra

97% cotton is combined with 3% lycra to create a fabric with a little extra stretch. The fabric is crafted in poplin and satin weaves to give you the best quality stretch dress shirts. The fabric is soft with a subtle sheen and drapes beautifully making it a great choice for slim-fit shirts.

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When to wear a cotton lycra shirt: These formal stretch shirts are ideal for a day at the office. You’ll always look polished and well put together.



Crafted in 100% Egyptian cotton, we source satin fabric from the finest mills across the world. The fabric has a smooth surface, lustrous sheen and feels soft & luxurious. Satin is less prone to wrinkling than most fabrics and is a great option for formal shirts.

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When to wear a satin shirt: Your party shirt is here. These semi formal satin shirts work great under jackets for special occasions.

Brushed Twill-shirts-custom madeBrushed twill

Sourced from the finest textile mills in Japan and India, we used brushed twill fabric to create a line of shirts that feel soft, warm and drape beautifully. The fabric is micro-brushed to loosen the fibres and give it a fuzzy, cozy finish.

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When to wear a brushed twill shirt: When the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to slip into one of our brushed twill shirts. They’re great for layering too and work well for date night or movie night.

Flannel-custom made-shirts


This soft and warm fabric is made in 100% cotton. It has a ‘napped’ or fuzzy finish caused by it’s characteristically loosely spun weave. This low-maintenance fabric actually gets softer with age.

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When to wear a flannel shirt: Casual Fridays in the office call for your comfiest shirts that could still pass off as semi-formal incase you have to rush into a last minute meeting.


Our denim shirts are crafted in 100% tencel, a plant-based fibre created from wood pulp. While the fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable, it is also produced sustainably and is certified compostable and biodegradable which means it leaves behind no waste.

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When to wear a denim shirt: One of the coolest, most versatile shirts can be worn anywhere. Dress it down with a pair of shorts for your weekend getaway or dress it up with white pants for Sunday brunch. 

We hope this easy fabric guide will help make your decision easier when designing your own shirt.