Men's Style: Outfits Ideas You Should Look At For Inspiration

Are you trying to tap into your style but are looking for some inspiration to set the ball rolling? 

Seeking fashion inspiration is among the first steps to discovering your style. Other helpful steps involve doing a wardrobe audit to know which pieces are your favourite and establish what to buy.

A little research may also go a long way in helping you know the different types of men's clothes, types of men's clothing styles and the best apparel company for your purchases.

There are different types of men's clothing styles, and several factors contribute to the change we keep on witnessing in types of clothing styles for men. Before we get into the types of dressing styles for guys, let us first explore some of these factors.

What is Your Style Aesthetic?  

The different types of clothing styles for guys fall into various aesthetics. Fashion style and aesthetics keep on changing. This change is influenced mainly by time, geographical location, culture, influential personalities, and social media.

Some of the different types of dressing styles for guys include suave, preppy, monochrome, athletic, streetwear, and minimal aesthetic, among others. These are a few examples that represent the different types of men's fashion aesthetics, as we are yet to mention many others.

Anyway, keeping up with the names and trends may be a task for many, so let us keep it simple. The first step is to review all types of men's clothes, as seen in the next section.

Men's Style Basics: Types of Clothes for Men

Knowing the different types of clothes for men makes it easier for you to have a well-balanced wardrobe. It is the best place to start if you want to be intentional with every clothing purchase.

Food for thought- do you buy clothes already knowing what item from your closet will pair well with it? Or, are you more of the type to purchase and figure that out later? Well, none is better than the other, as sometimes the outfit you plan in your head flops when executed in real life.

Menswear (types of clothes for men) is groupable according to the setting or garment type.

Types of clothes for men based on setting

The different types of clothes for men based on this category include:

Formal attire- worn during special occasions.  

Business wear- these are the types of clothes for men which are work worthy.

Casual attire- is usually worn during less formal events like parties.

Athletic or sportswear- these are the kinds of clothes for men who are into regular sporting activities.

Types of clothes for men based on garment

The different types of clothes for men in this category are basics such as:

Dress shirts







Now that we have gone over the basics let us get into the finer detail of the types of men's clothing that are essential to your wardrobe. 

Modern Menswear: Different Types of Men's Clothes You Need to Have

Men's fashion is undoubtedly evolving and has a cyclical nature as it borrows a style or two from different years. For instance, some trends of the type of clothing styles for guys in the 90s are currently trendy decades later.

These various types of men's clothing get paired and give rise to different types of clothing styles for guys. So, do you have all these different types of clothes for men, or are you clueless? If you are clueless about the different types of men's clothes in question, worry not, as we will give a detailed run down soon enough.

If you are looking for modern types of Indian men's clothing for all occasions, then you are in luck. Also, if you are looking for different types of men's clothing styles to diversify your style, we have that and more lined up for you!

Here are a few wardrobe essentials for men in 2022 and outfit ideas to showcase the various types of male clothing styles.

1. Classic white shirts

One thing is for sure is that you can never go wrong with a classic white shirt, and they pair well with chinos and jeans. You must probably have a couple of classic whites, but do you own one that is wrinkle-resistant

Bombay Shirt Company has unique, customisable shirts, including a whole collection of wrinkle-resistant shirts that keep you looking neat all week.

How to style it: 

Button-down- Wrinkle Resistant Glacier White Oxford shirt

Bottoms- our Soft Stretch chinos in the colour black.

Shoes- chukkas

2. Denim shirts

An edgy-looking denim shirt would be an asset to your closet. One of the best things about denim shirts is their versatility. They pair well with almost every bottom, be it shorts, slacks, track pants, and many more.

How to style it:

Button-up- Maverick denim shirt

Bottoms- Soft Light jeans in beige

Shoes- sneakers

3. Linen shirts

There is just something about a man in a linen shirt. The perfect linen shirt offers comfort, and Bombay Shirt Company has tons of classic lightweight options for you. You can also customise your shirt and add all the unique details you require.

How to style it:

Button-down shirt- Fern Up linen shirt with some rolled-up sleeves. 

Undershirt (optional)- Supima Binding pocket t-shirt as an overshirt (you may tuck it in or leave it untucked depending on the overall look you want to achieve).

Bottoms- Soft Light Moss shorts

Shoes- boat shoes

4. Flannel shirts

A flannel shirt is a must-have piece that has endless ways to style. It easily fits into the various types of men's clothing styles. Flannel shirts have also been around for a while. Flannels can be worn on different occasions, depending on how you style them.

How to style it:

Button-down- Japanese Playful Blue Checked shirt 

Undershirt (optional)- Luxe Cotton Modal pocket t-shirt

Bottoms- Grey Tone- Stretch Corduroy chinos

Shoes- sneakers

5. Checked shirts

They have increasingly become a wardrobe staple for most men. You can wear them to a formal or less formal event. The smaller the box design is, the more suitable it is for a business meeting and vice-versa.

How to style it:

Button-up- Ether Blue Checked shirt 

Bottoms- Tender Grey- Soft Stretch chinos

Shoes- Chelsea boots

6. Striped shirts

Break the monotony of wearing plain shirts by investing in shirts with interesting striped patterns. 

How to style it:

Button-up- Montauk Oxford striped shirt

Bottoms- Stark Sea- Medium Dobby knit jeans

Shoes- loafers

7. Polo t-shirts

Polo t-shirts can help you achieve your desired athleisure look effortlessly. It pairs well with several casual pants, and you can get the following look and more outfit ideas from our website.

How to style it:

Shirt- Rugby Polo long sleeve t-shirt

Bottoms- Ecru Slub- Heavy selvedge jeans

Shoes- Chelsea boots

8. A unique casual two-piece short set

You are missing out on a stylish summer athleisure look if you do not have a two-piece short set. Our terry towel collection and ombré dye collection have some unique, eye-catchy luxury basics that every man needs.

How to style it: 

Shirt- Terry Towel Polo t-shirt (mint) or Ombré Dye Round Hem t-shirt

Bottoms- Terry Towel shorts (mint) or Ombré Dye Closed Hem French Terry shorts

Shoes- sneakers

9. Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim is a premium type of denim and therefore is a bit more pricey, but it is a worthy investment. It also adds edginess to your everyday casual look, and there are endless ways to style it.

How to style it:

Shirt- Distressed Raglan Henley long sleeve t-shirt

Bottoms- Splendid Blue- Stiff Rigid selvedge jeans

Shoes- sneakers

10. Track pants

Unlike joggers, track pants appear dressier and are perfect for those lazy days or sporting activities. Our track pants are in three colours: navy, black, and royal blue.

How to style it:

Shirt- Distressed pocket t-shirt (rust)

Bottoms- All-Day Tracks (black)

Shoes- sneakers

11. Joggers

Joggers are your go-to lazy weekend or stay-in outfit. They are cosy and pair well with t-shirts and sweatshirts.

How to style it:

Sweatshirt- Urban Vintage French Terry sweatshirt

Undershirt- Camo Raglan t-shirt

Bottoms- Urban Vintage French Terry joggers

Shoes- slip-ons

12. Chinos

Last but not least, we have chinos, which are an absolute asset to your closet. They pair well with almost everything, and you can wear them to the office or on a date. How versatile right?

How to style it:

Shirt- Valencia Silk shirt

Bottoms- Pearly White- Light Summertime chinos

Shoes- chukkas

Quality and Stylish Menswear for All Occasions

Hopefully, by now, you have garnered the types of clothing styles for guys that are suitable for all your different occasions.

If not, do not hesitate to contact our stylists, who are available at all times to provide you with solutions and expert advice to all your styling dilemmas. 

Bombay Shirt Company provides:

  • Expert styling advice.
  • A seamless shopping experience.
  • A variety of modern menswear that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Our shirts, denim jeans, chinos, and denim shorts are all customisable using our fitsmart technology that allows you to key in your sizes from your respective location. Bombay Shirt Company then picks up the mantle and ensures the delivery of a piece with your desired fitting.

To get started, connect with us or just open the chatbox to send your inquiries on current deals, discounts, and any other styling needs.