How To Style A Checkered Shirt

Are you looking to switch up your regular classic white shirt look? Adding some checked shirts to your wardrobe is the best way. 

Checked shirts double up us both casual and formal shirts. It all depends on the size of the checks and how you choose to style your check shirt, among other factors.

Also, if your checkered shirts collection has been sitting at the back of your closet untouched, this article is for you.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to style your check shirt effortlessly.

Is There A Difference Between Checkered and Checked?

Both checkered and checked are terms used to refer to shirts with intersecting horizontal and vertical lines forming squares. Thus, you can use them interchangeably.

Are Checked Shirts Plaid?

Before figuring out how to style a checkered shirt, let us first address the common misconceptions between these two fashion terminologies.

Plaid shirts are sometimes used by many to refer to checked shirts. So how is this wrong? 

Checked shirts have vertical and horizontal lines that make squares of different sizes, and sometimes the squares are in different colours, whereas a plaid shirt is a stylish check shirt.

What are the other types of stylish check shirts? More on that in the next section.

Types of Checked Shirts in Men's Style

There are several checked shirt patterns in men's style. Some of these checks include:

There are so many checks to choose from; they may either be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Bombay Shirt Company has a unique collection of stylish check shirts that you can easily customise within a few seconds with our fitsmart technology.

So, how do you style a checkered shirt? 

How to Style Checkered Shirts

There are various ways you can pair checked shirts in men's style. Here are a few check shirt styles to spice up your everyday look.

1. Over a t-shirt

This combination will be perfect if you want a laid-back check shirt style. The t-shirt and shirt combo mostly goes well with plaid and madras checked shirts and is most appropriate for less formal events.

2. Over a blazer

A blazer is one of the best assets to add to your wardrobe. 

Layering a blazer with your checked shirt is a stylish look that keeps you warm in cold seasons. You could also throw a scarf as an accessory if it gets too cold. A blazer also instantly dresses up your look, and therefore, this look is more appropriate for formal occasions.

3. With denim jeans 

Denim pants are another wardrobe essential that has endless ways to style. Your check shirt style can never go wrong when paired with a pair of neat denim jeans of a perfect fitting for a smart-casual look. 

Distressed jeans are way more appropriate for informal events such as night-outs.

4. With chinos

Besides pairing your stylish check shirts with denim pants, chinos are also a good choice for a smart-casual office look. If you are looking for an outfit combination that will allow you to transition smoothly from work to a party, this is it.

5. With shorts

Shorts are for those times when you feel like letting loose, and the weather is also acting accordingly. Enjoy your summer and look stylish while at it by trying out this check shirt style combination. Remember to leave your checked shirt untucked for a better look.

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6. With track pants

Have you pictured how effortlessly stylish you would look in a shirt and t-shirt combo with our All-Day tracks? They are available in three colours; navy, royal blue, and black.

For a neater look, loosely tuck in your t-shirt and then wear your stylish checked shirt on top, but if you want it to look more effortless, leave your t-shirt untucked. This checked shirt look in men’s style is comfortable and suitable for a picnic with friends.

7. With a suit and tie

We were saving the best for last. The suit and tie combo is a legendary checked shirt look in men’s style. Are you wondering how to style your checkered shirt for this look? 

First, you can boost your suit and tie look by wearing gingham, tattersall, houndstooth, graph, window pane, or shepherd checked shirts as they are more appropriate for a formal event. Remember to keep the colours neutral for a formal occasion.

Also, if you have a checked suit, pairing it with a checked shirt of small-sized squares such as graph checks is more suitable. 

Best Checked Shirts for Men

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