Types Of Pants Every Man Should Own

Are you looking to add new types of stylish pants to your wardrobe but have no clue where to start? We've got you!

If you intend to achieve maximum versatility, you will need a variety of pants for your different occasions. 

So, how many types of men's pants should you own? There is no fixed or magic number for the new types of pants needed per se. You can have as many pants as you desire, but the trick is to strike a balance.

So, for starters, this article will cover men's different types of pants you need to own.

Different Types of Pants for Men

The various types of pants design names for guys are based on their fabric, functionality, style, colour, and elasticity, among others. Men's pant style has been evolving from time to time, giving rise to different types of men's pants and names.

As expected, these new types of pants are from different apparel brands aiming to provide quality streetwear, activewear, lounging, or office wear. 

If you are keen on looking sharp, you need to own at least a pair of jeans, joggers, dress slacks, chinos and so forth. All these types of pants will ensure that you meet your quota in terms of variety.

Korra and Cityof_ provide you with various men's types of pants. Korra takes it a step further with its customisable pieces that you can design in a few seconds from the comfort of your home. 

Anyway, what types of pants for men will you need to add the much-needed depth to your style? Some types of pants' names for guys include:


These are quite a versatile choice of pant types for males. They have been around for quite a while and are not necessarily a new type of pants. Chinos are easily the best pick as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For instance, pair your favourite chinos with a dress shirt to achieve a smart-casual look. 

On the other hand, if you are going for a more casual look, you may want to pair them with a t-shirt or throw in a shirt on top to spice up your look.

Chinos are the kind of pants for guys who love that dressed-up but still laid-back look. 

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Light Off-beat Chinos,

Choco Breeze Checked Shirt


Sand Tone Stretch Corduroy Chinos,

Supima Binding Pocket T-Shirt


These are a popular alternative of pant types for males. Jeans are a go-to for many men since they are easy to style and fit to wear to most occasions. There are different types of pants for men, just as there are different types of jeans. 

A few wardrobe essentials when it comes to men's different types of pants under this category include:

Selvedge denim: Old Gold Stretch Selvedge Jeans

Italian denim: Indigo Mist Soft Selvedge Jeans

Corduroy jeans: Majestic Maroon Soft Corduroy Jeans

Coloured jeans: Deep Khaki Soft Light Jeans

Bootcut jeans: Slubby Indigo Organic Cotton Jeans

Japanese denim: Soft Light Beige Jeans

Stretch denim: Black Jet Super-soft Stretch Jeans

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Dusky Night Light Dobby Knit Jeans

Luxe Classic Pocket T-shirt

If you would love to know more about the various types of jeans for men, here is an article for you: Men's Jean's: Different Types of Jeans and Fit Types.

Knit pants

Knit pants for men are the type to invest in if you are big on comfort. They are one of the new types of pants that are breathable and easily stretchable. Infact, you can easily pass them off as dress slacks.

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4 Way Stretch Knit Pants

Blue Surf Checked Shirt


If you still want to look stylish while lounging or working from home, a pair of joggers are the pant types for males to achieve this effortless look. Currently, a variety of jogger pants are made out of terry cloth, denim, cotton, and many more.

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Luxe Panelled Joggers

Luxe Square Pocket T-Shirt


Lastly, if you are into fitness and spend some or most of your time on the tracks or in the gym- track pants would be perfect for you. They are made of elastic, non-itchy breathable fabric for maximum comfort as you go about your physical activities.

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All-Day Tracks

Luxe Classic Long Sleeve T-shirt

Dress pants 

Also known as slacks and are a must-have for your special occasions. They are typically made of wool and are primarily available in muted neutrals, as is most formal attire.

For this type of men's pants, it is advisable to lean into a relaxed fit or slim fit. 

Dress pants pair well with dress shirts. Bombay Shirt Company has a vast customisable shirt collection that pair well with all types of pants for men.

For instance, for an effortlessly stylish look, you may pair your favourite pair of slacks with our:

Mascarpone Herringbone Shirt


Luthai Stormwind Checked Shirt

So, how many more different types of pants for men do you need to add to your wardrobe? Before we get to where to source the new types of pants you need, let us first go over a few fundamentals. 

Custom-made Vs. Off-the-Rack Men's Pants

Are you tired of constantly having to make alterations to your pants to achieve your desired fitting? If so, investing in tailored (custom-made) pants will be in your best interest. 

Let us be honest; off-the-rack options are affordable, but at what cost? You can save on the extra costs incurred after alterations and use that sum to get yourself even more pairs of pants. How good is that?

Nearly all types of men's pants are available as either of the two, that is, custom-made or off-the-rack options. The former refers to pants made using your unique measurements, whereas the latter are readily available pieces produced in bulk to fit a broad range of body types.

Custom-made pieces can further be sub-divided into two categories based on the production technique, namely:

Made-to-measure- machine-cut pieces later adjusted to your measurements by a tailor.

Bespoke- these pieces are hand-made from scratch and involve multiple fittings to ensure they are appropriately adjusted to your measurements.

Related Article: What’s The Difference Between Made-to-Measure And Bespoke?

So, which of these options would suit you best? 

Best Types of Men's Pants for All Occasions

You can bank on Korra and Cityof_ as reliable sources of different types of custom-made or off-the-rack pants for men. They have a variety of pants that you can dorn on various occasions.

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