Everything You Need to Know About Button Up and Button Down Shirts

Ordinarily, a shirt is just a shirt for the majority, but this is not the case in fashion and design. Like any other field, it has its technical jargon too. 

Have you ever wondered what the fuss is about button-up versus button-down shirts?

Today’s article discusses the difference between button-up and button-down shirts.

Let us get right into it. 

Button Up Vs Down: Which Style Do You Prefer?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when these two get mentioned without much context? It is easy to think that the two are techniques for buttoning your favourite shirt. However, there is more to them than meets the eye. 

Button Up Vs Button Down: Can These Terms Be Used Interchangeably?

Are you wondering whether you can use these terms when referring to the same dress shirt type? Well, not exactly.

For starters, all your button-down dress shirts are button-up shirts, but the vice-versa is not true as not all button-up dress shirts are button-down dress shirts.

Button Up Vs Button Down Shirt Similarities 

Both of these dress shirts have collars and sleeves. Their sleeves may either be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. So, what is the difference between button-up and button-down dress shirts?

Button Up Vs Button Down Shirt Differences 

A difference worth highlighting is that button-down shirts mostly have pockets, whereas button-up shirts mostly lack pockets.

Button Up Vs Button Down 

Dress shirts have been referred to as button-up or button-down shirts for the longest time. The collar design is the major distinguishing factor here- let us see how this is so.

What are button-up shirts?

A button-up is any shirt with regular buttons running from above the hem up to the neck. The last button at the shirt’s front sits right at the neck area. Its collars are free and may either be made of a stiff or soft material.

These shirts are easily identifiable as they are pretty common. You probably have a couple of these button-ups neatly stacked in your wardrobe. An alternative name for button-up shirts that you may be familiar with is; dress shirts.

They are versatile, and you can wear them on various occasions, including work, parties, dates, and many more.

What are button-down shirts?

A button-down is any shirt with regular buttons on the front and two more buttons on each side of the collar. The buttons on the collar are meant to hold the collars down. You can wear them on both formal and less formal occasions. 

The invention of button-down shirts got inspired by English polo players of the late 1800s who needed shirts that could stay put for a seamless racing experience. Thus, John Brooks identified a need, took up the challenge, and came up with the brilliant invention. They were first known as polo collar shirts.

Similarly, Bombay Shirt Company identified a need for sustainable fashion. In efforts to fully satisfy this need, our mother company later birthed other brands such as Pause, Korra, and Cityof_.

So now that we have properly established the difference between button-up and button-down shirts, how do you style them? Also, which one is right for you? More on that in subsequent sections.

Button Up Vs Down: Which One is Right for You?

So, button-up versus button-down shirts- which one is worth your money? There is not much to consider apart from the occasion you intend to wear your shirt as their market prices are relatively the same. 

For instance, if you usually attend more formal events than casual ones, you might want to get more button-up shirts. However, if smart-casual looks are more of your style, then button-down shirts will be your best pick.

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Speaking of smart-casual and office (business-casual) looks, how can you compare the available styling options for button-up shirts versus button-down shirts?

How to Style Your Button Up And Button Down Shirts

There is no significant difference in styling the two as they pair well with chinos, blazers, suits, ties, denim jeans, slacks, and so forth. So basically, it just depends on the occasion. 

However, a suit and tie look is better when paired with a button-down dress shirt with a stiff collar. You can throw in a tie for both, and you are not obliged always to have your collars buttoned down, particularly if you appreciate a relaxed fitting. 

Best Customisable Button Up and Button Down Shirts

If you seek more clarification and need styling advice, feel free to contact one of our stylists for expert-level advice.

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Here is a quick guide: How to design your shirt

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