The Best Black Shirt Combination Ideas for Any Occasion

Black is one of the most iconic colours, and a black shirt is undoubtedly a wardrobe essential that you can hardly ever go wrong with on different occasions. 

There are many ways to classily pull off the black shirt combination look other than wearing the same old black shirt with a tie. The black shirt with a blazer is also another quite popular styling idea.

If you are looking for new ideas to add to your black shirt combination style, look no further as we shortly dissect that in this article. Anyway, before we find out what to wear with a black shirt, let us go over the different types of black shirts.

Types of Black Shirts

The two most common types of shirts include formal and informal shirts. Formal and informal shirts are mostly button-down or button-up shirts. However, formal shirts include dress shirts, whereas casual shirts have dramatic colours and patterns with more laid-back materials such as denim

A few classic casual black shirts you should consider adding to your closet include our:


Your black formal shirt combination would hit different with customisable business shirts from our line, such as:

Besides the black suit-shirt and tie combination, what are the other black shirt combinations? The subsequent sections will briefly provide valuable insights to help you effortlessly nail the black shirt combination with the pants of your choice.

What to Wear with a Black Shirt During a Formal Occasion

Besides being iconic, black is among the safest colours for matching a black shirt combination with pants. So what colour of pants can you wear with a black shirt?

Matching your black shirt combination with pants for a formal occasion requires minimalism. Muted neutral-coloured pants such as black, blue, grey, and brown are perfect for a black shirt and pant combination.

Die-hard lovers of black would love to try the black shirt and black pant combination. A similar black shirt combination with pants is the black shirt and grey pants combination. Our customisable Grey Tone Corduroy chinos are perfect for a night out with the boys. A formal black shirt with grey chino pants would be a suitable office look.

For women, the Corner Office pants pair well with a black shirt for a well-put-together smart-casual office attire. A black shirt and blue chino pants or skirts would work well too. 

Unlike formal events, informal events are limitless when it comes to colour. So what colour of pants can your wear with a black shirt to that party?

What to Wear with a Black Shirt During an Informal Occasion

Black is truly versatile; you can almost wear it with any other colour. Black shirt combinations certainly look stunning on most. 

However, you can occasionally put your black shirt and black pants combination or the notorious black shirt and grey pants combination to rest. What colour of pants can you wear with a black shirt?

Your black shirt combination with pants does not necessarily have to be of a similar colour. Mixing and matching your black shirt combination with different coloured pants makes a trendy casual look.

A pop or splash of colour will not hurt. You can start incorporating colour slowly by wearing bold partnered shirts like our customisable Como, Valencia, or Malaga Silk shirt.

Anyway, let us get back on track after that brief colour digression. You would look lovely in our Abstract Goldmine black shirt and grey pants. Besides the black shirt and grey pant combination, another popular casual look is the black shirt combined with jeans

For women wondering what colour of pants to wear with a black shirt, our wide-legged pants available in different colours may be an excellent alternative to jeans, for instance, our Smoke Show Wide-Legged pants. Besides chinos and denim jeans, a black shirt combines well with unique pants like our Summer Sorbet or Riviera pants. 

Have you wondered what to wear with your black shirt now that the summer season is upon us?

The black shirt and pant combination may not be the most suitable during summer. Shorts are an excellent go-to bottom, and our Berry Blush, Up Up And Away shorts, among others, would be a great fit. Men can also join in the party as our Cityof_ has some interestingly designed shorts for men.

Remember that the black shirt combination with pants is not the standard style. You can switch things up by wearing different bottoms such as skirts instead of matching your black shirt combination outfit with pants. 

What completes a black shirt combination look?

An outfit is not complete without accessories. Essentially, a black shirt combination look with pants is not entirely whole on its own. Layering your black shirt with trenchcoats, waistcoats, or sweaters is one way to complete your look.

Ties, bracelets, watches, and necklaces are good statement pieces to incorporate into your look. Also, matching a black shirt combination with pants and a scarf goes well with the look.

We often forget that hats and bags can also make suitable accessories. Our Nomad and Gilded Heart tote bags both have unique patterns and designs. They are perfectly sized for convenience to fit all your summer beach essentials and your other needs.

Next Steps

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