How to Customize Your Shirt

Are you looking to significantly improve the overall fit of your shirts by having them customized but have no idea where to start? If so, you are in luck, as we break it down for you in this article.

Factors to Consider When Customizing Your Shirt

Customizing your shirt is akin to freeing two birds with one key. It allows you to incorporate your style and desired specifications without doing all the heavy lifting. The heavy lifting, in this case, is the sewing and stitching work.
Customizing your shirt may also seem like an uphill task for some due to the many factors you must consider for a successful outcome. Some of them include your shirt's size by height and weight. Other contributory factors include:
  • Color
  • Collar pattern
  • Composition
  • Fabric
  • Shirt pattern
  • Shirt weave
  • Stretchability
  • Shine
Besides our other brands, one of the first things you see is four pretty resourceful filters that are helpful when customizing your shirt. Three filters are among the factors mentioned above, but the website also includes an occasion filter, one of the most overlooked factors for narrowing down your shirt choices.
We also provide you with one of the most budget-friendly customized men's shirts on the market to ensure that you can add as many quality shirts to your closet as desired.
So, would you love to design your shirt or a friend's but are unsure of the first step? 
Firstly, knowing the size, you are going to work with is of the essence. We provide our customers with an advanced men's size chart for shirts that ensures all your custom-made pieces are hits with no misses!

How to Customize Your Shirt With Our Fit-smart Technology

Gone are the days when you had to visit your tailor to get your shirt measurements taken. Over the years, customer-centric businesses have onboarded technology for smoother running of operations.
Bombay Shirt Company has not been left behind as it has integrated the fit-smart technology, which helps you get the correct shirt measurements from the comfort of your home.
Are you worried that choosing comfort may compromise the overall fit of your shirt? Worry not, as our fit-smart technology averts this. You no longer have to google a shirt measurement chart to determine your size randomly.
Determining men's shirt measurements can be tricky for a first-timer, but our fit-smart technology comes in with a detailed size chart for shirts. It is not your conventional men's size chart for shirts that may ordinarily leave much to be desired.
Our fit-smart technology is an online size chart for shirts. It is a men's size chart for shirts that accounts for your body type, shoulder type, height, and preferred fit. Other extended options for customizing nitty gritties include your shirt's cut, button colors, collars, cuffs, plackets, pockets, and sleeves.

Besides the detailed size chart for shirts, we have also availed the option of monogramming, and you get to choose the font style and thread color. 

There is also a preview option to enable you to visualize your complete design before handing it over to us for crafting. Sounds fun, right? 

Our men's size chart for shirts broadens its horizons regarding men's body types to avert any possibility of trial and error, as customer satisfaction is among our prime goals.
So which sizes do our shirt measurement chart accommodate?

Men's Shirt Measurement Chart

The best part about our men's size chart is that it offers a wide range of sizes to cover men of all body types. Your shirts for different occasions come in about seven different sizes. 


The size chart for shirts has shirt sizes (36 to 48) to accommodate the athletic, slight-bellied, slim, or plus-sized men. Besides body inclusivity, we aim to make your shopping experience seamless and convenient.

For instance, you would not need to go through the shirt measurement chart to input your shirt size every time you shop with us since our website has a feature that helps you access your saved sizes. How convenient right? 

How To Take Shirt Measurements Perfectly

Several factors come into play when picking the most suitably sized shirt. The most important one is your body type. Men have about five well-known body types. Men's shirt measurements are more likely to be perfect when the piece is uniquely custom-made rather than off-the-rack.
You can find out more about your body type here: Men's Clothing Style Guide for Different Body Types. 
Suppose you are looking to nail that business casual office look; the men's dress shirt size chart will allow you to design numerous pieces that offer you a fit guarantee of about 94%, as is the situation with our White Stretch Poplin shirt.
How about a less dressy smart casual look with jeans? Our readily available dress shirts may help you achieve this look. Cruise through our website to check out the different men's dress shirt size charts to find the right fit for yourself, and a loved one, or your significant other.
There are also many other types of readily available and customizable shirts. You can also cruise through our easily navigable and click on your favorites to access the size chart for shirts.
The perfect custom-tailored shirt consists of premium fabric, interlining, your uniquely generated digitized pattern, quality threads, and buttons which we bring to life through our automated production.

Alterations and Remakes

If the size chart for shirts falls short and your shirt fails to fit perfectly, you can return it before the 15-day grace period lapses for your desired alterations until the outcome is satisfactory.
The same also applies to any remakes needed for your older garments from Bombay Shirt Company or our other brand Korra.

Best Apparel Website for Customizing Your Shirt

Have you now got it all figured out? If not, you can check out our website for more shirt customization insights: 
Bombay Shirt Company Website
Bombay Shirt Company's website has a user-friendly interface that inspires you to create your best shirt design. Our fit-smart technology allows you to customize your shirt in thirty seconds! 
Have you checked the shirt measurements size chart and are still unsure about your size? Please forward all your inquiries to one of our stylists here to help you clear your doubts. 
Connect with us today to help access the size chart for shirts and any other of your styling needs.