How To Measure Your Shirt

Bombay Shirt Company has a proprietary algorithm called Fitsmart to help you with determining your shirt measurements in just 30 seconds. If however, you would like to speak with our customer experience team members and provide them your measurements, then getting the measurement of your favourite shirt correct is important. You can follow the easy steps below to provide us with your shirt measurements and we will customize a shirt just for you.
Do lay the shirt out on a flat surface before noting the measurements per the guidelines.

    Unbutton the collar and measure between the two points where the collar attaches to the collar band.

    • CHEST

    Button up the shirt and lay it down on a flat surface. Measure it from the bottom of one armhole to the other (the widest part of the shirt). Double the result for your final chest size

    • WAIST

    Hold the tape 8 inches below each armhole of your shirt to determine your waist. Measure across, from one end to the other and double the result for your final waist size.


    Start from where the shoulder seam and collar connect and measure down the shirt till you reach your preferred length. If you're still unsure, an ideal shirt should reach the middle of your trouser zipper.


    Button up the shirt and lay it flat on its front. From 1 inch below the shoulder tip (where it connects with the sleeve), measure across the shirt to the corresponding point on the other side.


    Start where the sleeve meets the shoulder. From that point, measure down to the end of the cuff.