How to Style Long-sleeved Shirts For Any Occasion

A long-sleeved shirt is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Originating from the office wear section of the wardrobe, it now finds pairing and styling to carry off a number of looks.

This article will help you figure out how to wear your long-sleeved shirts with chinos, jeans, shorts, and many more on different occasions.

Let us get right into it!

Business casual look: How to Wear Long-sleeved Shirts

Do you want to head out for work but are still undecided about your day's outfit? A long-sleeved shirt must be somewhere contributing to this mix-up. Not to worry, as we are here to help you figure this out step by step.

So, how can you style your long-sleeved shirt and nail this look? Here is how:

Pick a colour scheme

Sticking to neutral colours when mixing and matching your outfit would be wise. Some neutral colours include colours with shades of black, grey, blue, white, and brown. 

Choose a bottom

Should you wear your long-sleeved shirt with jeans? You certainly can, but only if your workplace's dress code allows it.

So, how can you wear a long-sleeved shirt with jeans to the office? Here are a few dos and donts to help you achieve this look:

  • Do not show up to work with distressed jeans.
  • Your jeans should be of a structured or relaxed fit. 
  • Steer clear of brightly coloured jeans.
  • Use minimal accessories.
  • Pair your jeans with a classy white dress shirt (it does not necessarily have to be white) and a blazer.

If you are wondering how to wear long-sleeved shirts with chinos to the office, the tips are similar to the dos and donts mentioned earlier. However, a game-changing tip is to invest in custom-fitted chino pants.

Besides customising shirts, Bombay Shirt Company customises chinos too! Now you can look stylish in absolute comfort without compromising on the quality of your pieces. How cool, right! 

Outfit inspirations and ideas for men's business casual looks

A few outfit ideas you can use to source some inspiration on how to wear long-sleeved shirts with chinos include:

Our jeans and soft stretch chinos from Korra are available in three earthy tones, namely, blueberry, jade stone and caramel pair well with the following long-sleeved shirts:

Premium Black Poplin shirt

Thomas Mason Whisper white shirt

Sky Spark Striped shirt

Monti Charred Stone Dobby shirt

Smart Casual Look: How to Wear Long-sleeved Shirts

The long-sleeved shirt with denim jeans combo is a winner. Don’t need to overthink this look. You can choose the colour scheme and the bottoms as you desire or as the weather dictates. 

However, if you are headed to the office, smart casual looks may require you to be minimal with most of these aspects, particularly colour and accessories.

If you are one of the universe's favourites and happen to work in a dress code-free work environment, here are a few outfit ideas we have mixed and matched just for you. 

You are free to walk into one of our stores to see our uniquely customised pieces, but before then, here are a few smart casual outfit ideas to trigger your inspiration.

Outfit inspirations and ideas for men's smart casual looks

Are you looking for more ideas on how to wear your long-sleeved shirts with chinos or jeans? We've got you covered!

For office attire, our Korra chinos and jeans will look casually sharp when paired with the following smart casual shirts:

Warm Tan Striped shirt

Blue Creek Cotton Linen shirt

Juniper Vintage Washed Oxford shirt

Ice Slush Denim shirt

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Party Look: How to Wear Long-sleeved Shirts

What makes an outfit perfect? A few contributory factors include the level of comfort, functionality and many others. Many of us struggle with ensuring that our party outfits simultaneously meet a good level of comfortability and functionality.

Also, where is the party at and what time are you turning up? Is it at the beach or in a club? Or is it a house party? The location and timing of your party greatly dictate your choice of outfits. 

How can you style long-sleeved shirts for your indoor and outdoor parties? More on that in the next section.

Outfit inspirations and ideas for men's party looks

If you are going to be out throughout the night, stylishly layering your outfits is a plus. Conversely, if you are partying on a sunny beach, it is best to choose vibrant colours of breathable material.

If you are looking for dance-friendly pants made of breathable material, our brand- Cityof_ has 4-way stretch pants, which are available in cream, steel grey, and brown

If you are wondering how to wear a long-sleeved shirt with jeans, a shirt and t-shirt combo is an open shirt style design that will keep you warm and stylish. Are you looking for ideas on how to wear long-sleeved shirts with chinos? The open shirt style design would be great to pull this off.

It is one of the effortless ways to style long-sleeved shirts. You can wear them as they are or neatly fold up your sleeves for a more sophisticated look. You can wear your t-shirt or vest under the following unique long-sleeved party shirts:

Feeling Spicy shirt

Onyx Black Zipper shirt

Motley Mess shirt

Pinwheel shirt

Special Occasion Look: How to Wear Long-sleeved Shirts

Special occasions vary from one person to another. It could be your first day at work, your first interview after a long while, your graduation, and many others.

Nonetheless, looking sharp as we celebrate the big and small wins you or your loved ones have achieved is important.

If you are stressing about what to wear to your special occasion, then this article is for you.

Outfit inspirations and ideas for men's special occasions

Do you have an upcoming graduation or friend's wedding and are stressed about what to wear? Here are a few ideas to help you figure out how to style long sleeves for that special event.

Bombay Shirt Company has classic white shirts and more for all your upcoming special occasions. A few of our customisable pieces include the following:

Soktas Sliced Up shirt

Wrinkle Resistant Melon Sorbet Oxford shirt

Topaz Trip Stretch Satin shirt

Wrinkle Resistant Peach Oxford shirt

A suit and tie or bow tie combo is a statement look you can effortlessly ace with a perfect classy shirt like the ones mentioned above.

Special occasions like weddings require you to stick to a colour theme that the sender may have most likely mentioned in the invitation card or link.

Quality Long-sleeved Shirts for All Your Occasions

Do you often have to make alterations and returns on most of your purchased shirts? 

Bombay Shirt Company ensures you have a worriless and frictionless purchasing experience by offering quality, custom-fitted shirts to last you long enough.

Our expert stylists are available for a virtual or physical conversation from one of our stores to provide you with styling advice that fits your needs. 

Besides customisable shirts, Bombay Shirt Company also has brands, such as Korra and Cityof_, which have a variety of uniquely designed t-shirts, customisable chinos, shorts, track pants, and customisable jeans for you.

Connect with us today to get a few more custom chinos, shirts and jeans and further clarification on how to style long sleeves.