Men's Jean's: Different Types of Jeans and Fit Types

Are you looking to add to your jeans collection but unsure where to start? Well, look no further as this article will help with that. 

A pair of jeans is a wardrobe basic for most, if not all, men. However, so many types of men's jeans and fittings to choose from might ultimately confuse you. Luckily, we give a rundown of the different types of jeans, fit types, and jeans styles for men.

Let us get right into it!

Men's Jeans: Fit Types for Your Body Type 

The first and most important step before purchasing a pair is to identify the type of jeans silhouette that will flatter your body type the most. 

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans while factoring in your waist size and height, but it was still unflattering? Well, the silhouette of your pair of jeans might be the missing link.

All types of jeans have a silhouette that may be defined by factors such as hem length, tightness, the form of fitting from the knee down, the rise of the jeans, and many more.

Your favourite pair of jeans may fall into one of the following conventional men's jeans style categories:


The regular-fitting jeans style for men is slightly tighter than relaxed-fitting jeans and will taper from your knee to your thighs. The regular jeans fit type would look better on any body type, provided it is of the right size.


As the name suggests, this fitting is generally looser than regular and tapers towards the leg opening. The relaxed jeans type would flatter any body type too.


The loose-fitting jeans style for men does not taper, as they are the same in width, length, and wider at the leg opening. They are what we refer to as baggy jeans. Loose-fitting men's jeans type looks better if your body type ranges from average to big-boned.


The skinny jeans style for men is way tighter than the ones mentioned above and will taper from your hip to the hem. Skinny-fitting jeans types for men generally flatter an average body frame. 


Slim-fitting jeans are borderline, meaning your jeans will not be too loose or tight. Nonetheless, it still tapers from the thigh to the hem length with a significantly narrower leg opening and flatters any body frame as long as it is chosen with size in mind.

Different Types of Jeans for Men

Have you been wondering about the various jeans types and names for males? Are you on the side that is clueless about the different types of jeans for men? Or are you just somewhere in between? 

There are several types of jeans for men whose names have been coined from the countries of origin of the materials, material elasticity, jeans colour, jeans style for men, and many more.

So, how many types of jeans are there? More on that soon.

1. Japanese denim

It is named after its country of origin- Japan which is widely known for its A1 denim quality. Here is an example from our Korra collection of jeans:

Kuro- Stiff Stretch Heavy Selvedge Jeans

2. Italian denim

Another jeans type for men that has been named after its country of origin- Italy. It offers comfort and sustainability, and a good example of a pair of jeans made with this fabric includes:

Griffin Grey- Soft Heavy Selvedge Jeans

3. Corduroy jeans

Corduroy jeans are lightweight denim and have been in and out of fashion, but they seem to be back with a bang this time. Of all types of jeans, nothing spells out comfort as loud as corduroy jeans. A good example is as follows: 

Majestic Maroon- Soft Corduroy Jeans

4. Coloured jeans 

These are coloured jeans types for men. Korra has coloured jeans of different types. If you love an occasional pop of colour, then our collection of coloured jeans will interest you.

5. Dobby knit jeans

Dobby knit makes jeans types for men that feel like denim but are stretchier and softer such as the one displayed:

Stark Sea- Medium Dobby Knit Jeans

6. Stretch denim

Now that we are on stretchy denim, a couple of pairs will be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. If you are among the people who find denim to be ordinarily rigid and uncomfortable, you should try out stretch denim which is lightweight and is essentially built for comfort.

An example includes:

Ecru Org- Organic Soft Stretch Jeans

7. Selvedge denim

Are selvedge denim still trendy in 2022? Yes, certainly! The selvedge denim jeans style for men has been trendy for years. If you are looking for a men's jeans style that will spice up your look, this is it. 

Korra's selvedge jeans collection has quite the variety, and a prime example includes:

Powder Blue- Soft Rigid Selvedge Jeans

Now that we know the different types of jeans for men, let us find out how and where to get the best quality of jeans that fit.

How to Customise Your Jeans in Four Easy Steps

Various brands offer different types of jeans, but at Korra, we offer premium quality and variety. The widely available off-the-rack men's jeans style options are usually not as accommodative to all body shapes and sizes.

Korra has factored in various body types and sizes and allows you to customise your jeans to your desired fit to ensure you are guaranteed a good fit. Now you have one less thing to worry about as you shop online. But, wait, there is more!

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Korra's customising option is just the tip of the iceberg as it integrates a fitsmart technology that allows you to tailor your jeans as you wish in just a few seconds from the comfort of your home. It also saves your size and measurement data for future use. How convenient, right?

Here are the four steps that will guide you toward designing a pair of well-fitting jeans:

Step 1: Customise according to your desired silhouette; straight, tapered or bootcut.

Step 2: Customise in line with your preferred rise; mid, low or high.

Step 3: Customise according to your desired waistline; regular or elasticated.

Step 4: Customise as per your preferred fly design; zip or buttoned.

Best Types of Modern Jeans for Men

There are many different types of jeans and consequentially men's jeans styles.

Have you grasped the various jeans types and names for males? If not, our experienced stylists are ready to provide you with all the necessary information you may need.

Korra has a decent number of customisable jeans with a great fit guarantee and free alterations, which, simply put, are all steals given their incredible quality. Additionally, you get to process your payment in two flexible options, as follows:

  • As a one-off payment.
  • In three completely interest-free instalments.

You can also choose to complete your look with shirts from Bombay Shirt Company, which provides customisable shirt pieces for all your various occasions. 

Connect with us today to get your risk-free quote, or tap the WhatsApp icon for advice on the pieces you should invest in to be at par with the current men's jeans style.