Just launched: A limited edition collection of denim shirts.

We’ve partnered with leading menswear designer, Arjun Khanna, on an exciting creative collaboration that will last over a year and include multiple limited edition collections.

The first of these collections has just launched: A line of 12 ready-to-wear shirts. 10 crafted in varying shades of denim and 2 in a unique fabric, adding an element of surprise. This collection is an homage to the fabric for all seasons and occasions - denim.

Our collection draws inspiration from many different stories. Classic vintage military uniforms, safari-appropriate outfits, rugged masculine workwear from timeless Western films, to name a few.

These shirts seamlessly blend vintage aesthetics with modern versatility.

It’s All In The Details

The cornerstone of this collection, however, is the detail that’s gone into making it. From the very specific silai (stitch) detailing, to the thoughtfully placed metal hardware and the wash each shirt has been treated with - every feature has a purpose, showcasing a unique trait and pays homage to denim’s rich heritage.

Limited Edition Artwork

Fabric Treated For A Special Finish

Contrast Gold Thread Work

Special Design Elements

Edgy Metal Hardware

Vintage Brass Buttons

Unique Utilitarian Pockets

Gold Chain Stitch Detailing

Meet Your Shirts Match

These shirts have personality. Each one different, each one iconic, each one a wearable piece of art. Bet you’re wondering what you can pair them with?
We’ve put together some options for you.