Casual Outfit Ideas: Shirt and T-shirt Combinations

Have you run out of casual outfit ideas? Or better yet, are you looking to spruce up your casual look? The shirt and t-shirt combination brings a different twist to your everyday casual look. 

You can seldom go wrong with an open shirt style. The best thing about an open shirt style is that it makes it seem like you put a lot of thought into the whole look, but it is entirely effortless.

If you need more shirt and t-shirt combination ideas, then this article is for you. Here’s how to effortlessly pull off the shirt and t-shirt combo.

Shirt and T-shirt combinations

There is no specific formula for how to pair your shirt and t-shirt combo. Not to say that anything goes, but almost everything does if your taste is broad enough. That is the beauty of casual wear; it has no confines to it. 

You can choose to be as minimal or wild with the colours as you desire. The trick is to do so thoughtfully and not haphazardly to avoid looking sloppy.

Being mindful of the event you are dressing up for should also not be overlooked. For instance, is there a theme colour for you to use as a guideline for your shirt and t-shirt combo?

Men’s open shirt style guidelines are similar to women’s open shirt style with dresses, overlay shirts, and many more.

Men’s Open Shirt Style

Men’s open shirt style is one of the most effortless looks to pull off, but it depends on the occasion. For instance, do you intend to put together a smart casual office outfit, or are you aiming for a more casual look to wear to the movies?

If so, being mindful of the shoes, accessories, and the colour combination is necessary for a successful outcome. Here are a few shirt and t-shirt combos you should try out soon.

The plain t-shirt and a checked shirt 

A plain coloured t-shirt and a checked shirt with a flannel weave is a classic open shirt style that suits every body frame. Your t-shirt should be of a fit you are most comfortable in, be it a super-slim, structured or relaxed fit.

Your shirt should be more of a relaxed or structured fit depending on your size to give allowance to the t-shirt layered under it. If mixing and matching colours is not your forte, then leaning towards earthy and muted neutral colours is the safest bet. 

However, if you are not afraid of colour, you can go all out with it but remember to choose colours that complement each other. You can also play around with that colour scale by picking similar colours and layering them in varying shades (monochromatic colour scheme).

A few stunning selections of checked shirts from our customisable Bombay Shirts Collection include:

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A t-shirt and a denim shirt


The t-shirt and denim shirt combo is another classic open shirt style that can never go out of style. You can layer a denim shirt over a plain, bold or multi-coloured t-shirt. 

Tie-dye shirts are also a good way to add a pop of colour to your t-shirt and denim shirt look.

Our Raglan Melange dark blue t-shirt, Apollo denim shirt, and Blueberry Chinos paired with blue sneakers is an example of a monochromatic look that will look good on you.

A bold coloured t-shirt and a shirt

If you are going for a more colourful look, combining your bold coloured t-shirt with a shirt is a good choice.

If you want to add more bold coloured t-shirts to your wardrobe, you might want to check out our Distressed Henley and Raglan pieces which come in multiple colours.

Our Ombre dye round hem t-shirts are available in three colour variations and are the perfect bold coloured pieces to add to your t-shirt collection.

A t-shirt and a classic white shirt

A classic white shirt is a closet staple for many men. When you layer your classic white shirt with a t-shirt, it gives off a minimalistic laid back vibe. White shirts sort of dress up your open shirt style look.

Some of our unique, customisable white shirts that might pique your interest include:

The White Smoke shirt

The White Sugar Stretch Poplin shirt

A t-shirt and a printed shirt

Nothing spells out casual more than printed shirts which are smarter when paired with plain white t-shirts. You can also match your t-shirt to the most dominant colour of your printed shirt for a more put-together look.

Women’s Open Shirt Style

Women’s open shirt style is versatile as, unlike most men, they are not only limited to shirt and t-shirt combos. Here are various ways you can choose to pull off this look.

A shirt and cropped t-shirt combo

Cropped t-shirts have been trendy for a while. You can wear them to the gym or during a casual night out with your girls. Adding a shirt over your cropped t-shirt spices up your look and, at the same time, keeps you warm as the temperatures grow colder. 

A button-down shirt dress and swimwear

The open shirt style with a shirt dress comes in handy during the summer or when you are out swimming. In this case, a shirt dress or fancy top is a stylish cover-up. 

A few button-down dress shirts to help you ace this look include our:

Be A Voice Not An Echo Shirt Dress

Let Your Soul Glow Shirt Dress

And The Sun Will Rise Shirt Dress

A shirt dress and a bralette

The open shirt style with a shirt dress and bralette is ideal during sunny periods and ensures you look good despite the weather. A shirt dress is a stylish layer that you can quickly button up when it gets colder. 

Our Golden Eye bralette, Fluidity shirt and the Up Up and Away shorts is a complete set from us that would look ravishing on you. 

A shirt dress and fancy top

An open shirt style with a shirt dress is a classic look that has been around for a while. Depending on your preference, you can choose to go with one solid colour scheme or a monochromatic look. 

Best Customised Shirts for Your Everyday Look

Hopefully, the listed shirt and t-shirt combinations have given you some new outfit inspirations. If the whole concept is still unclear, we have just the right solution for that.

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