How To Wear Casual Shirts and Look Sharp at Work

Are you looking to incorporate your casual outfits with your work attire but have run short of ideas on how to execute your vision?

If so, then you must have heard of the smart-casual dress code. If not, then worry not, as this guide will briefly but in detail provide you with the much-needed tips that will help elevate your smart-casual look.

What is Smart Casual Office Attire?

Smart casual attire is fun. Where there is fun, there is color and versatility. It allows room for your style to flourish.

The smart casual look is often mistaken for the business casual look. The main difference is that the latter is more conservative and leans into formal office wear, whereas the former lets you enjoy your favorite casual shirt with denim jeans look.

Dos and Don’ts of Smart Casuals

Some smart casual office wear dos you should consider are:

  • Leaning into neutral colors- this is the safest bet if you are unsure about the color scheme of your outfits.
  • Leaning into silk- it is about time you take off your cotton business casual shirts off the roaster.
  • Leaning into the legendary black-on-black look- pairing a casual black shirt with black jeans.
  • Investing in smart casual shirts.
  • Learning how to pair your casual shirt with different bottoms such as jeans.
  • Learning how to wear and layer casual shirts.
  • Adding a blazer as it is your best asset.

Some smart casual office wear don’ts you should consider are to:

  • Avoid wearing T-shirts and shirts with large and conspicuous prints.
  • Avoid wearing ties.
  • Avoid wearing distressed jeans.
  • Steer clear of athletic wear like sweatshirts, sneakers, and joggers.

How To Wear Casual Shirts

Smart casual office wear is ordinarily very fashion-forward. Men’s smart casual may relatively be easier to pull off than women’s smart casual. Nonetheless, the rules of putting together a smart casual look are the same across the board.

Pairing a casual shirt with less dressy bottoms is one of the easiest ways to pull off a smart casual office look. Conversely, putting together a sharp work look without looking overdressed or underdressed may seem like an uphill task. So, how do you strike a balance?

You could certainly never go wrong with pairing your casual shirt with jeans, but you may probably be worried about how to wear a casual shirt with jeans without looking too casual.

As earlier discussed, leaning into darker shades such as black will be an excellent trick to add up your sleeves. A black shirt casual look will do wonders for your office style. The black shirt casual look is better when you pair your casual black shirt with dark-colored jeans.

Now that the brief refresher on ways to wear a casual shirt with jeans is out of the way, we can further explore other available outfit options in the subsequent sections.

Smart Casual Office Wear for Men

Smart casual men’s tops: Ditching that suit and tie does not automatically equate to a smart-casual outfit. The casual shirt and jeans combo is a favorite go-to for many. A black casual shirt look is also hard to mess up.

Oxford shirts are a great alternative to dress shirts since they are less formal. Others may include denim shirts, twill shirts, dot out shirts, silk shirts, checked shirts and striped shirts, and so on. They are all available under a unique item name on our website.

So, which bottoms will go well with your casual shirts?

Smart casual bottoms: You can never go wrong with classy and well-fitting pants. Our Korra collection provides you with chinos and jeans in all your favorite muted neutrals. Dress pants and slacks also pair well with casual shirts.

Smart casual shoes: Your footwear choice can make or break your look. You are good to go if you have a pair of Oxfords, Chelsea boots, or loafers.

Accessories:  The key to unlocking your smart-casual outfit is to accessorize minimally. Statement pieces are the cherry on the cake, and for men, they may include scarves, trench coats, bracelets, and watches.

Smart Casual Office Wear for Women

Smart casual women’s tops: Oxford shirts look great on women, too, but if you are looking for more unique and classy top ideas, you will love our Pause tops collection. Pause is one of our brands that cater to women of all sizes. Hence, there is something for everyone depending on the occasion, not forgetting your taste and preference.

Some smart-casual office attire from our Pause collection include:

No Moon Like You

Black Magic


 Rainbow Mixtape

So, have you found something yet? If you have not found your it-factor top yet, you can find a variety from our Pause tops collection website. Remember that the appropriate color, pattern, and fabric are heavily reliant on the flexibility of your workplace’s dressing code.

Smart casual bottoms: It’s finally time to give your skirt and trouser suits a rest. Have you tried pairing your casual shirt with jeans or wide-legged pants? Our Feeling Spicy pants would be an excellent fit for you. Our chinos with a twist; the Desert Storm pants would subtly take your colleagues by storm. Muted colored jeans and dress pants may also work well for you.

Smart casual jackets: Seasons change, and you may need to layer up to keep warm. Blazers, denim coats, woolen sweaters, and cotton trenchcoats will add some spice to your smart-casual outfit.

Smart casual one-piece attires: Dresses and jumpsuits fit well into this category. You can never go wrong with collared shirt dresses like our Feel The Energy and Zen Zone pieces. Our Ready For Take Off jumpsuit will have you looking ready to do just that!

Smart casual shoes: A pair of heels, ankle boots, wedges, ballet flats, loafers, and oxfords are suitable for a smart casual look.

Accessories: Remember your statement pieces (necklaces, watches, bracelets) but go easy on them.

Next Steps

So, have the smart casual office attire ideas been helpful? If you are still undecided, our team at Bombay Shirts will be glad to provide you with more insights on the same at no cost.

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