5 Ways To Make Your Linen Shirt Multi-functional

Make your linen shirt work for any occasion.

Timeless and elegant, a linen shirt is probably one piece of clothing every man must own. It’s non-fussy and makes for a dependable option for almost any occasion and time of the day.

We bring you 5 easy ways to wear that one linen shirt and overhaul your look each time.

1. Keep it casual – A pair of deep blue denims is one of the safest ways to pair your linen shirt with, irrespective of the colour. The rule is to keep things simple – opt for loafers or white sneakers, depending on where you’re headed. This could work for a more casual day at work or a day out at the movies.

2. Keep it semi-formal – When going for a semi-formal look, reach out for a pair of chinos or slim fit trousers. These work as easy options, while still making it look like you mean business. As for footwear, a pair of brogues or lace ups work best. Restrict the colour palette to a tans or blacks only.

3. Keep it dressy – Have an office party to go don’t have the time to change? For a day like this, remember to carry a summer jacket along. Try and keep it in the same colour family as your bottoms. Again, we’d recommend wearing a pair of slim fit trousers for a such a day. As for shoes, you could experiment with a pair of sneakers or go for brogues, depending on how uptight the evening is.

4. Keep it formal – Many people do not consider linen apt for a formal event. But it can be made to look formal enough if worn with the right separates. We suggest wearing it under a linen suit itself (a beige/navy one makes as safe colour options). This works well for a daytime event, such as a wedding. Polish off your look with a pair of oxford shoes and a printed pocket square.

5. Keep it dressed down – Think beers on the beach or a casual Sunday brunch. In a scenario such as this, just turn to a pair of shorts or khakis. They work as the most comfortable options while you guzzle down those drinks and scarf down your food, while still making you look stylish. As for footwear, opt for drivers shoes or slip-ons and remember to carry your sunglasses along.

These are some of the easy ways to make your humble linen shirt multi-functional, while still looking effortless.