5 Occasions That Deserve A Custom-Made Shirt

For most milestones in a person’s life are usually marked by special occasions. From learning how to ride a cycle and growing your first beard, to your college graduation and your wedding, each life-changing moment moment deserves to be well documented. And looking uber sharp while at it doesn’t hurt either!

The most important aspect of your dressing that is immediately visible to the world is your shirt, hence making it crucial that you wear one that fits you perfectly! Fret not as custom-made shirts are here to rescue you.

Here, we highlight the five occasions in your life that deserve a sharp, well-fitted and classy custom-made shirt.


Here’s to you becoming a man! An important day in every person’s life, your college graduation is that milestone which (in most cases) sets on course, your future. Step into this new phase of life with a cool, custom-made shirt that reflects your personality and an advancing sartorial sense. Classic solids, stripes or checks, or subtle, yet fun prints will work well with slim-fit trousers and (very important!) clean shoes.


Looking your presentable best matters more than most at an interview. A superb CV is the job half-done, but your future employers will also want to see what you reveal in your person.
The best thing to do is, ‘Keep It Classy’. A classic, pastel shade button-down shirt, with the Spread collar and single button cuffs paired with a smart suit in a dark navy or charcoal shade works best. Proper leather shoes and minimal accessories to coordinate the look are imperative. You are a man with purpose, and now, a job.


This is your validation into adulthood! Your first job is always a test of your knowledge, and worldly skills. Best to be comfortable while navigating these untested waters. Our rule – Be yourself, only better.
There are a myriad of checks and striped shirts that are workspace-appropriate, as they are style savvy – choose yours well. The pairing of a light-hued striped shirt with a crisp suit and smart lace-up shoes; or a classic Gingham shirt, knit tie, office jacket and brogues ought to ensure job, and style conquest.


As most of us know supremely well, few occasions go beyond the first date to make a lasting impression – and it’s best for your “Play things cool”, with the venue, and the outfit. A striking look with clean lines will make sure you feel as confident as you look. A vibrant checked shirt, under-layered with a T-shirt, and casual sneakers are a great bet for a quite bar. Going for dinner? Pair a light striped shirt with straight-fit denims and a nice dinner jacket to (hopefully!) sweep the girl off her feet!


There are very few occasions in one’s life that are as special as their wedding. While nothing beats the look of love in your partner’s eyes, a sleek tuxedo worn with an equally sharp custom-fit shirt comes real close for us!
The luxurious tux jacket deserves a well fitting, crisp poplin shirt with a wing-tip collar and French cuffs. Black Oxfords and a nice bowtie will complement the suit just right. Invest in a wonderful pair of cufflinks as a worthy memento to remember this milestone by!