BSCPeople – Ravi Vazirani

Introducing BSCPeople, the first in a series of people who inspire us and represent the Bombay spirit, are effortlessly confident and stylish to boot! Meet Ravi Vazirani, an interior designer & entrepreneur, who runs a boutique studio in Mumbai.

Ravi Vazirani

Q1. Occupation
Interior Designer.

Q2. What’s your typical day at work like?
A combination of meetings in the studio and on site.

Q3. How did you come to become an interior designer/architect?
Happenstance. I haven’t studied design, but I always wanted to be a designer. And when you want something, the universe just makes things happen.

Q4. What influences your sense of style?
As a designer, one tends to respond to his/her surroundings a lot more. For me travel is the biggest inspiration and my style, which I believe is ever evolving is hugely influenced by my travels.

Q5. How does your sense of style infuse your work or vice versa?
I don’t like things that confine to a norm. My personal style is the same and ever so often, I see that reflecting in my work. I like mixing and matching things. Normalcy bores me.

Q6. Your usual attire on a regular day at work, at a client meeting and off-work dressing.
A regular day at work would have me in shorts and a t-shirt. If I have a client meeting/presentation, it’s usually a shirt with denims or chinos and loafers.

Q7. The one thing piece of clothing/accessory you always like to wear to work.
Ummm. My watch. I like accessories to be subtle and understated. My Muji watch does the trick for me. When I can afford one, I’d like to get a Philippe Patek.

Q8. Do you think what you wear at work impacts your performance?
Well, of course. Being well put together makes a good impression and that’s half your job done right there.