The Thomas Mason Experience

What do we mean when we say our shirts are made to last? It means we use only the best quality fabrics, that our tailoring processes have been honed over time to give you products that are impeccably crafted with a fine attention to detail, and that we offer free lifetime alterations. Each shirt you buy is so well made that it will last you a lifetime. 

When it comes to the fabrics we use, we source superior quality materials from the world's leading fabric mills to give you timeless, elegant shirts that are beautifully made. Each of these mills shares in Bombay Shirt Company’s love for quality and sustainable production.

One of our favourite mills is Thomas Mason. 

The 200 year old Thomas Mason mill was founded in Lancashire, UK, and is now part of the Albini Group in Italy. 

While they still stay true to their English heritage in terms of design and aesthetic, they benefit from the Italian heritage of manufacturing the highest quality textiles in the world.

This historic and deeply respected mill is known for durable fabric in on-trend designs. Using cutting edge technology and the finest raw materials they produce a vast range of fabrics from subtle prints to bold patterns with a uniquely eccentric but always refined touch.

And best of all, they support sustainable production of quality fabric like cotton and European linen. They’re constantly evolving and improving their equipment, machinery and production methods to reduce their environmental impacts for a more sustainable future.

Thomas Mason fabrics are among the best in the world, and we’re proud to carry them prominently in our collection.

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