BSC People: Varun Duggirala of The Glitch


In the world of modern advertising, Varun Duggirala, Co-founder of The Glitch is a force to be reckoned with. Varun has not only nurtured The Glitch and turned it into a well known creative agency, he is also the host of the popular podcast Advertising Is Dead where he zooms in on the developments and disruptions in the business of advertising, media and more. Always up for an interesting conversation, Varun talks to us about his passion, living a creative life in lockdown and his evolving personal style.

BSC: What do you do and what do you love most about it? 

I co-founded and now help run one of India's largest creative agencies "The Glitch" ( We were acquired in 2017 by WPP). I also host two weekly podcasts "Advertising is Dead" (on the changes in the business world) and  "The Varun Duggi show" (my bi-weekly audio blog) along with writing a weekly newsletter " Unschooled " where I share my first draft ideas and recommendations with my readers. All these things I do have a common thread, they allow me to be a lifelong learner and share everything I learn with the world around me.  

BSC: What inspires you?

People. I'm constantly inspired by the people I meet and interact with in my life as a creator and as an entrepreneur. I'm also supremely inspired by the amazing women I live with, my wife Pooja and my daughter Leia.

BSC: What are you most passionate about?  

I am passionate and curious about rethinking how we perceive the process of learning itself. It's something I spend a lot of time trying to rethink and propagate as a genuine point of change that is needed in the world today. 

BSC: What is the one thing you wish you did more of?

Write. It’s become one of my growing passions. I'm in the process of writing my first book and I wish I could give more time to it.

BSC: What's your go-to outfit when you don't know what to wear?

Black T-shirt, jeans and a pair of retro sneakers.

BSC: How has your personal style evolved?

In recent years, my style has moved from largely investing in a plain palette and semi-formals to more casual and fun options. I enjoy prints on short-sleeved shirts, comfortable pants and shorts and a wide array of monotone T-shirts that allow my sneakers and shorts/jeans to pop. I also have a bizarrely large collection of Apple watch strapsmy definition of dad fashion.

BSC: Is this the first time you shopped with BSC/Korra? What did you enjoy the most about it?

Yes, it is. I've window-shopped both brands many times and this is my first buy and what I enjoyed most was the ease of customisation and the quality of the product.

BSC: What drew you to the brand (BSC/Korra)?

I started with jeans. I'm rediscovering jeans as a form of comfort wear instead of looking at it as semi-workwear. I like Korra for its cuts and fabrics whereas Bombay Shirt Company, with its customisation features, has been on my to-buy list for a while. It gives me the ability to customise and style shirts for myself (something I miss doing).


BSC: Books or movies?

Books, lots of books!

BSC: Colourful or monochromatic?

Monochromatic, with a pop of colour.

BSC: Ideal holiday destination: Beach or mountains?

Beach is bae.

BSC: Favourite food: Sweet or spicy?

Give me spicy and I'll ask you to make it spicier.

BSC: Wake up early or sleep in?

Wake up early. 

BSC: Coffee or tea?

Moka pot coffee in the morning and turmeric tea at night

BSC: Hit snooze or jump out of bed?

I jump up by instinct but sometimes my brain hits snooze.

BSC: Hit the bar with friends or stay home and watch Netflix?

Lately, I’ve been inching towards the latter. 

BSC: Cats or dogs?

Dogs! I have two and I grew up with 13 so I'm biased.

BSC: Dressing for comfort or style?

Comfort can be stylish so I call this a trick question.


Varun is wearing the Winging It shirt from Bombay Shirt Company and Blue Mountain Easy Pants from Korra. He customised his Winging It shirt with Hipster collar, short sleeves, French placket, horn buttons and a structured fit.

winging It, Easy Pants