How to care for your shirt

When we make a shirt, it’s made to last. It’s custom made to your exact size and style and is crafted in high quality fabrics with an extra attention to detail. This is how we make sure you buy less and use what you already have for longer. 

But is there a way YOU can help make your shirts last longer? Caring for your shirt doesn’t just stop after the purchase. It’s important to make sure you follow the wash care and label instructions carefully. Here are a few tips and tricks from us to make sure your favourite shirts last and last.

The wash-care process:

- Wash your shirt either by hand or machine and make sure to use cold water. Washing it in hot water could cause it to shrink or even fade.

- Make sure to turn your shirt inside-out before washing to prevent fading.

- If you’re using a washing machine, it’s best to invest in high-quality detergents to prevent fading or discolouration. But don’t use bleach or starch on your shirt.

- When using a washing machine, don’t stop the wash cycle early. Allow the spin cycle to wring out as much excess water as possible before drying the shirt.

- Do not dry clean your shirt.

The drying process:

- Avoid tumble drying your shirt as dryers can cause damage if used on high heat.

- Make sure you do not hang your shirt under direct sunlight. The excess-heat can damage the fabric.

- The best way to dry your shirt is to air-dry it since it prevents shrinkage and wrinkles. Use a durable hanger to air-dry your shirt in a well-ventilated space and try to eliminate any excess water before hanging.

The ironing process:

- To avoid wrinkles and creases your shirt should be damp but not wet, before ironing. Make sure to use a low setting to avoid excess heat damage.

- Start with the sleeves as they tend to be trickiest. It helps to get them out of the way first and it will prevent creases once you start moving the shirt around the ironing board.

- While ironing the back of your shirt, pay extra attention to the pleats.

- While ironing the front, if there’s a pocket make sure to start ironing it from the sides and then the center.

- Save the collar for last and work your way from the sides toward the center.

- If your shirt has suede patches, do not iron that area.

Lastly, if you’re wondering whether different fabrics have different wash care tips to follow, the short answer is yes, they do. Pay close attention to the instructions on each label before washing. 

Take for example, your favorite flannel shirts. Make sure to wash it in cool water on the gentle cycle. A slower wash speed will cause less friction on the fabric, making it less likely to be damaged and reducing the stress on the fabric. This will also help prevent flannel from shrinking. It's no secret that the less stress you put on the fabric, the longer it will last. Make sure to use a gentle, chemical-free detergent that will help keep that soft feeling you love so much. Finally, try to resist the urge to use a liquid fabric softener as they tend to create a type of film on the fabric that clogs the fibers and cause them to stiffen over time

We make our shirts long lasting and offer alterations for life so you can reuse and rewear your custom shirts. Treat your shirt with love and care, and it will last you for years.