5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression can be a daunting task — and there is no denying this, because studies suggest that people tend to form an opinion about you almost the minute they see you. In such cases, making a good first impression relies a lot upon the non-verbal cues you exude. Whether it’s a job interview or a date or a business meet, what you do with these signs helps make or break a deal.

And, if you’re wondering how do go about creating a first impression effortlessly, we suggest you try doing these 5 things:

Eye contact is imperative — it suggests interest, reliability, and helps form a connection with the person without even saying a word. Eyes that wander about too much, show disinterest and a lack of attention. So meet those eyes, assure the other person that you’re present.

First, extend your hand for a gentle handshake (no wet palms, please) — it helps form an initial bond. Second, use your hands to gesticulate while talking — they help put the person in front at ease. Refrain from putting your hands in your pockets — you certainly don’t want them to wonder what you’re hiding in there.

A light hint of smile indicates that you’re friendly. Imagine speaking to a person with a grumpy or serious face! Not a pleasant thing in the slightest. Smiling a great way of warming up to someone you’re meeting for the first time.

Stand straight, head high, with your shoulders upright — it indicates that you don’t shy away from responsibility. No slouching, no weighing yourself down. You want people to believe you can be trusted with handling work and life.

The way you dress introduces you before you speak. It speaks volumes about your personality. So, remember to dress up well and put in some effort — it shows that you care. And most importantly, dress appropriately. The key is to keep it simple.

Not so difficult, right? It isn’t, if you keep these things in mind.
The chance to make a good first impression on someone only comes once. Ensure you’re doing it right.