How To Care For Your Crisp White Shirt

white shirt forms an indispensable part of any man’s wardrobe. It’s timeless, minimal, and versatile. But with all these humble virtues, come a few vices — taking care of a crisp white shirt can be daunting for some. While investing in one is imperative, caring for your whites requires little attention, if you want to keep it looking white for long. And to help solve this dilemma, we bring you some easy steps to follow to help keep your white shirt in pristine condition for years to come.


1. HAND WASH SEPARATELY – Never, never wash your white shirt with any other piece of clothing. Your standout shirt needs to standout when being washed too. Washing your whites with other clothes can lead to bleeding of colour, which you want to avoid at all costs.

2. SELECT THE RIGHT DETERGENT – When going to the supermarket to fetch a detergent, make sure you pick one which contains optical brighteners. The optical brighteners make your white shirts look whiter by deceiving the eye. The brighteners bend the UV light waves of the sun to make them appear blue, and reduce the amount of yellowness there is on the shirt. The right detergent is all you need.

3. ADD SOME BAKING SODA – If the detergent you’re using doesn’t seem to be doing its job well, boost its efficiency by adding a spoon of baking soda to the wash. It’s easily available, cheap and very potent.

4. DRY YOUR SHIRT IN THE OPEN – While you may want to avoid drying your coloured clothes in direct sun light, your white shirt needs to soak up the sun. The UV rays help whiten and brighten it.

5. SKIP COMMERCIAL FABRIC SOFTENERS – Refrain from using commercial softeners for your white shirt, as these may contain traces of soil. Instead, go for distilled white vinegar. Add a cup to your washing cycle, and let it care of any dulling, while adding softness to your shirt.

6. AVOID TOO MUCH HEAT- Yes, your white shirt needs to look crisp, but make sure you’re not overdoing it with excessive ironing. Keep the heat to an optimal setting, as too much of it can lead to scorching of the fabric, and those marks can be difficult to get rid off. So minimum heat is the key.

7. USE WARM WATER – While we recommend washing all your shirts in cold or lukewarm water, a white shirt should ideally be washed in warm water, as this helps remove any stains or oils that may cause yellowing of the fabric.
Remember, your white shirt doesn’t need a sauna bath. So keep the water temperature under control.

Relieved, right? These easy wash-care instructions will keep your white shirt looking pristine for a long, long time.