We source our denim from the most reputable mills across the world, some of which have been in the denim game for over a century. Their fashion-forward approach combined with technological expertise and craftsmanship allows us to bring the finest fabrics to your wardrobes. Meet our favourite mills.

Japanese Denim

Okayama, Japan

When most of the world turned to modern projectile looms to produce denim in the 1950s, Japan stuck to using shuttle looms which produced smaller quantities but better quality of Selvedge denim. Some of the world’s best raw denim is still produced in mills based in Japan, notably Okayama Denim.

Kuroki, Japan

Denim lovers will appreciate the artisanal fabric that we use for Korra jeans. Some of this top-notch fabric comes from Japan-based Kuroki. This mill uses sustainable manufacturing processes to create some of the world’s most sought-after raw selvedge denim. They adhere to a strict level when it comes to using water for dyeing, weaving and processing. Sustainable, high-quality denim — just the way we like it.

Kaihara, Japan

The third Japanese mill we source denim from was founded by indigo expert, Sukejiro Kaihara. This mill has a history for innovating and developing new machines and weaving processes to produce superior quality denim.

Stylem, Japan

Stylem was originally a trader and seller. With a fashion-forward vision and an unwavering dedication to innovation, Stylem works with India’s premier mill - Vardhman Textile Ltd, to make the most sustainable non-denim fabrics.

Candiani, Italy

This Italian mill is the largest in Europe and has been producing quality denim since 1938. It’s located in Robecchetto con Induno, a district known for its textile heritage. The artistry and experience of the manufacturing process is passed down each generation of skilled craftsmen with new expertise added over time. Candiani is one of the most sustainable mills producing denim and aligns with our fashion philosophy perfectly.