Fun and friendly, meet Harpreet Vir Singh.

When he is not juggling between his many passions,
he's quietly thinking of his next creative idea.
We got chatting with him over a cup of coffee and here's how it went

Happy, you wear many hats.
Which one do you love the most?

It's hard to choose! Whether it's the football academy or the bars or the supplement company I run or now acting, I love everything that I do.

Amazing! What's the one thing that keeps you going every single day.

I have this very deep desire to create - an idea, a product. And when that creation comes out well or changes an environment or an ecosystem, that really pushes me.

What inspired you to get into acting?

I was always very drawn to the creative arts. I did my Major in Journalism and writing has always been a big part of my life. As I got older and I was more entrenched with work, I really missed being creative. A friend pushed me to try theater and I enjoyed it so much. And then I got called in to audition for a show on Netflix and that's where it all started.

What's your personal style like?

I was a very basic shirt-and-jeans guy in my 20s, but in my 30's I really started enjoying wearing suits. I would love to dress up. As I've gotten older, my style has become more about comfort than anything else. I look out for fabrics that feel comfortable. And if I like something from a brand, I'll get all the colours! I have become a creature of habit.

Your go-to meal...

Thai food. It hits home since I grew up in Thailand.

Life in a nutshell...

Work in progress.

Favourite hidden gem in Mumbai...

I really like 'Gratitude House' in Bandra. I love the concept and it’s quiet and peaceful here.

Favourite city across the globe...

London. There's something about the history of the place that really draws me to it.

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