We love selvedge. And so will you.

Korra’s Selvedge Denim jeans collection is for you to invest in authenticity and quality. Selvedge denim is denim in it’s most pristine, natural and durable state. Woven on narrow width shuttle looms, the edge of denim is sealed (hence self-edge!) to prevent unravelling. Typically seen on the inside of jeans, we add a signature selvedge on the back pocket to reinforce the pocket, and your choice!

Did You Know

In the ‘50s, selvedge denim weaving was replaced with high speed 60” width looms that produce 4x the denim than the slower shuttle looms. Fast fashion required fast production, so selvedge denim production took a back seat viz mass produced denim. Korra is bringing selvedge denim back in vogue. We love using this fabric as it’s make is artisanal involving high quality cotton. Moreso our endeavour is to introduce you with denim that has stood the test of time.

Here are our favourite cuffing tips to show your bottom flair, pun intended.

The Japanese Cuff

A favourite with the denim nerds, this cuff shows the finely crafted chain-stitched hem detail. Do a single 4” cuff and then roll another single cuff on that, so that its edge rests just below the hem line.

The Skinny Cuff

Turn the hem outwards in a slim 1/2" cuff.

The Double Cuff

It’s as easy as adding an extra fold to the single cuff. Go on, cuff it one more time for a triple cuff and show off your quirky socks.

The Single Cuff

For this simple, no-nonsense cuff all you have to do is slide your fingers in and fold the bottom upwards by 1’’ to reveal the selvedge denim detailon the outseam.

The Inside-Out Cuff

This style offers a clean-lined look. Instead of rolling the cuff outward, you roll a long cuff inwards and then roll a single cuff on top of that.

Unlike mass produced denim that is pre-washed, pre-faded and pre-softened, selvedge denim fades and ages to reflect the unique lifestyle of its wearer. Korra’s selvedge denim jeans take a while to break into as they’re not pre-washed or pre softened. As you wear them, they take on the shape of your body and lifestyle.

Start off as Korra, become as you.

Selvedge denim creases and fades to reflect the wearer’s daily habits and body language. Even the color fades organically and according to how you wear the jeans. Our Korra Selvedge Denim collection is for people who want a pair of jeans that carries their personal imprint. It’s also the best choice for people who believe in slow fashion as a pair of selvedge denim jeans lasts a decade or longer.

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