The Best Fabric From Around The World. Literally.

Over the years, we have sourced fabrics from a variety of mills dotted around the globe and distilled our partnerships down to select mills. Our commitment to slow fashion means we only work with mills that share our love for quality fabrics, sustainable production, accountability and transparency.

Thomas Mason

This iconic mill was founded in Lancashire, UK, and is now part of the Albini Group in Italy. Thomas Mason is synonymous with English tailoring that's been perfected over 200 years and rolls out durable fabric in innovative designs. For their raw materials, they use the best quality of cotton, wool, hemp, and European linen. Our Thomas Mason shirts are made with quality fabric from this heritage mill. 

If you’re looking for luxurious fabrics with a modern touch, a Thomas Mason shirt will be your go-to.

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This century-old, Italian label uses inventive weaves to create shirt fabric for formal wear, casual wear and sportswear. Monti’s take on style is comfortable, accessible and sustainable. We love the pastel colours of their dyed cotton yarn that's made with a low environmental impact. 

If you’re looking for superior fabrics in on-trend designs that can take you from your desk to dinner, a Monti shirt will be your go-to.

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This Turkish label designs fabrics with the world’s best cotton that have a modern take on classic styles. It also makes seasonal collections and each batch of fabric has a new design, pattern and palette. The fabrics are made-to-order to support slow fashion and are high on function, too. Some collections are stain and moisture resistant. Our SÖKTAŞ shirts are made with small batches of fabric that will always be in style.

If you’re looking for crisp white or solid coloured fabric for a sharp, refined look, a Soktas shirt will be your go-to.

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Mills in Japan

We source fabric from select mills in Japan that use traditional dyeing and weaving techniques. These mills have mastered the art of creating top-tier brushed fabrics such as denims and flannels, which are defined by a warm and fuzzy feel. Our Japanese shirts are made with these soft-as-butter fabrics. 

If you’re looking for comfortable, durable, versatile fabrics with a laid-back but refined vibe, a Japanese shirt will be your go-to.

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This Italian powerhouse is backed with 140 years of textile experience and ties in skilled craftsmanship with the best in tech innovation to produce comfortable but sophisticated fabrics. It is known for its play on the structure of woven fabrics, which gives them a unique three-dimensional feel. Bold colours, vivid prints and distinctive designs are some of the special offerings that draw us to this iconic mill. 

If you’re looking for quality fabrics in contemporary designs that will make you stand out from the crowd, an Albini shirt will be your go-to.

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David & John Anderson

This Scottish mill was founded in Glasgow and is now part of the Albini Group in Italy. They have been weaving top-quality fabrics that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with advanced industrial processes. We love how focused they are in sourcing the finest quality Egyptian cottons and linens to craft their fabrics. 

If you’re looking for shirts that are ultra-soft, light and crafted with excellent attention to detail, a David & John Anderson shirt will be your go-to.

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