How To Pick The Right Shirt for Any Occasion

Finding the perfect shirt is never easy. There are various factors to consider while making your decision. Where am I going to wear this shirt? Will it suit my body type? Is it for a special occasion? Do I need a relaxed fit or  a slim fit? We’ve got the answers for you.

When it comes to shirts, we like to go the extra mile to ensure each shirt is custom made to your exact size and style preferences. So whether you’re looking for a slim fit or relaxed fit shirt, you can design it yourself just the way you like. One of the ways we ensure this is by providing you with various options and varieties to choose from.


We offer three different types of fit options which include Super Slim, Structured and Relaxed. Each one curated with different environments and occasions in mind.



Our super slim fit shirts do exactly as they say. They provide you with a slim, fitted look around the chest, waist and biceps. Considering this fit is on the slimmer end of cuts, this style flatters a toned physique and is ideal for those who are looking to level up their shirt game. This type of shirt would work best in an office environment or  any formal setup.

Have an important meeting or need to look sharp for business events after office hours? Look no further, because the super slim cut shirts have got your back, literally.



The structured fit shirt on the other hand, has a stylish and comfortable fit. This shirt too, works best for formal and work-place environments. A structured fit shirt looks polished enough to be worn without a jacket. We suggest switching between our super slim fit shirts and structured fit shirts for business related occasions.



The relaxed fit  is characterised by a more traditional tailoring silhouette. This cut has a boxer silhouette leaving enough room for movement. The difference between a relaxed fit and a slim fit shirt is that a relaxed fit allows the wearer to move freely, without feeling or looking as restricted as they might be when wearing a more streamlined or slim fitted shirt. These shirts give off a more casual vibe and are undoubtedly the perfect choice for you if you favour comfort over fashion. Shirts with this kind of fit work well for both formal and casual events.

Even though the fit of your shirt seems like a small decision to make, it affects the overall look and feel of your shirt. The more you know about the details behind what makes a shirt, the more informed your decisions can be while custom designing your own. 

Every element, even the ones that may seem small, work together while custom designing your perfect shirt. We want you to look sharp and feel comfortable while wearing a custom made shirt from Bombay Shirt Company. 

So, be ready for any occasion whether it’s a holiday, formal event, conference or just a casual hang-out with friends with our carefully curated shirt fit options, made just so you always get that perfect fit.