The Power Of A White Shirt

If you were to name a piece of clothing that every man should own, it would be the white shirt. This versatile piece can be worn anywhere and can be styled endlessly. You can wear it from a job interview or a formal event to a family celebration or a date and even to the beach. You can never really go wrong with a crisp white shirt no matter where you find yourself. The white shirt also lends itself to styling very well - you can wear it with jeans, shorts, chinos, under a jacket, over a vest, tucked in with a belt or even unbuttoned…the list goes on.

Symbolically, white represents simplicity, safety, cleanliness, hope and a fresh start. This is why people often choose a white shirt when embarking on a new journey, starting something new or in a brand new environment. It is the perfect blank canvas that can be styled to make you look sharp, neat and sophisticated without putting in a lot of effort.
Wearing white is also a sign of individuality, and nothing says less is more like a white shirt. Its simplicity, ease and understated look make it a piece that everybody gravitates towards to make a statement. 

There is nothing more timeless than a white shirt. It holds a sense of nostalgia for many people - they may have worn their favourite white shirt to a career-making interview or their wedding or even on the day they moved to a new city to begin a new chapter in their life. Every new beginning or a series of firsts starts with that one white shirt that you hold very close to your heart because it reminds you of the good times in your life.

A great, well-fitted white shirt is the foundation of a man’s wardrobe and is always full of potential. It's not a garment that sits lost in the depths of your closet but one which when worn, makes you feel ready to take on the world.