Men’s Guide for Luxury Dress Shirt Styles


Regular dress shirts undoubtedly make up a huge chunk of your shirts but what about luxury dress shirts? If you haven’t yet considered them, this is your cue to do so. Are you wondering what makes them so special?

Unlike regular dress shirts, luxury dress shirts have pretty distinctive features in reference to their fit, fabric quality, and so much more. With all these factors to consider, choosing the right luxury dress shirt may be overwhelming- but we’re here to help.

In today’s article, we’ll break down all the important factors you need to consider to avoid being duped and overally make better shirt choices. Let’s dive right in.


Generally, a shirt’s fitting is a good litmus test to help you gauge whether the dress shirts you come across fit in the luxury category. For instance, our luxury shirt brand- Bombay Shirt Company, allows you to customise your dress shirts to your liking.

You get to choose your desired body type between athletic, slight-bellied, significant-bellied, and height to get a well-fitted shirt. 

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You get to pick a shoulder type (average or sloping) that applies to you. And also get to select your preferred fit between super slim, structured, and relaxed. 

A slim fit is a popular choice among men. It’s more form-fitting than a structured fit but not too tight. A relaxed fit is looser, giving you more room to move. If you’re unsure about which fit is right for you, it’s best to try on both styles to see which fits more comfortably.

Alternatively, you can contact our stylists for measurement tips to ensure you get the best fit.


Your dress shirt’s fabric dictates its overall look, feel and how long it will last. Luxury dress shirts are produced from high-quality materials. Cotton, linen, and knit are also part of the materials used in their production.

Check out all our other fabrics used here: Bombay Shirt Company- Fabrics

A cotton dress shirt may consist of either of these three types of cotton, namely 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, and stretch cotton. Egyptian cotton is considered the best quality cotton.

Linen is a great candidate if you’re looking for a more lightweight and breathable dress shirt option. Silk is a well-known luxurious option that requires slightly more care but is a great fabric for luxury party-wear shirts.

With different fabrics come different weave types- so what’s a weave? It’s essentially a form of fabric made when two sets of yarn or thread get interlaced at right angles. 

Our wide range of weave types includes familiar names such as Oxford, corduroy, twill, dobby, flannel, houndstooth, satin, and so forth. You can find out about all our other weaves here: weave types.

Oxford Weave

Twill Weave

Flannel Weave

Dobby Weave


For those who prioritise durability, it’s worth considering double-ply fabrics. These fabrics are created by twisting two threads to form one, resulting in a sturdier material. Single-ply fabrics are more breathable and ideal for wearing while vacationing in warmer climates.


The colour of your dress shirt is another essential factor to consider.

Firstly, when choosing an appropriate colour, it’s best to consider your skin tone. According to the colour theory, certain colours flatter different skin tones. 

For instance, if you have fair skin, wearing colours contrasting with your skin tone can add some vibrance to your appearance. To achieve this, it’s best to combine darker colours with lighter ones to create your outfit.

Secondly, the occasion is another equally important factor. You may experiment with more vibrant colours if your workplace has a flexible dress code. 

However, if the dress code is strict, classic choices such as white and blue are your safest bet. And if you want to spice things up, go for earthy tones such as jungle green and brown. For a pop colour, lighter shades of pink, yellow, and red are right on brand for your business casual attire.

When it comes to casual events, designer party-wear shirts for men are available in multiple colours as well as neutral colours- the choice is entirely yours to make! Looking for a reliable party-wear shirt brand? Here’s a good place to start- find the right shirt for you.


The collar of your dress shirt has a way of elevating the entire look of your outfit. Common collar styles include:

Spread collar


Prince Charlie

Ozwald Boateng








Hipster rounded






Club collar


A spread collar is a more modern option, while Prince Charlie is more traditional. Collars may vary in stiffness and top button design, which may be a single or double button.

While we’re on collar button designs, a little refresher on button-ups and button-down collars is essential. So how do the two differ? 

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Unlike a button-down shirt, a button-up doesn’t have buttons on each side of the collar. These buttons are for holding the collars down. A button-down dress shirt is a more casual option, perfect for weekend wear.

Sleeve and Cuff

Sleeve designs include the usual two- long and short sleeves. A long sleeve shirt may have a variety of cuff styles which may include;

A single-button cuff


A double-button cuff


A Neapolitan Cuff


A french cuff


When it comes to cuff styles, french cuffs are considered more formal and, as a result, require cufflinks, while button cuffs are more relaxed and do not require them. Ultimately, your cuff style choice depends on the formality of the occasion you’ll be attending.


Although often overlooked, the buttons on a dress shirt can significantly impact its overall appearance. Mother-of-pearl buttons are commonly used for luxury dress shirts’ due to their durability and elegant appearance. Coloured buttons are also an option but are generally more suited for casual shirts.

Other little details

A luxury dress shirt isn’t complete without its back, right? There are pleat styles to enhance the appearance of your dress shirt’s back. You may opt to either exclude or include back pleats such as;

Box Pleats

Side Pleats


Deep darts

If you value every detail, we’ve got you, as you get to choose the bottom-cut design too. A dress shirt’s bottom cut may be rounded, with a tail, straight without and with slits.

Sample screenshot illustration- Zesty Jade Stretch Satin Shirt

You can customise every little detail, including the button thread colour, placket, and pocket design.

Next Steps

A luxury dress shirt order is just a click away. And if you’re unsure of your measurements, our virtual stylists are just one call away! But that’s not all; it gets better. When you make your first purchase using our app (APP15), you get 15% off on your first app order. 

At Bombay Shirt Company, one of our main priorities is providing a convenient online shopping experience that guarantees peace of mind. 

So why wait when you can elevate your wardrobe with our competitively priced luxury dress shirts? For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on WhatsApp or email us here: