How to Style a White Shirt for Any Occasion

A white shirt is like salt to food- it goes with everything! It’s a favourite go-to shirt choice for many. Additionally, its neutral colour makes it a conventionally safe choice, as it pairs well with both coloured and neutral pants, ensuring a seamless and effortless look.

A white shirt allows you to seamlessly create contrast without worrying about colour clashing.

Are you tired of only wearing your white shirts to work or weddings? Worry not, as this article discusses how you can transform your favourite white shirt into a versatile piece that can be worn to almost any occasion.

4 Different Ways to Wear a White Shirt

Things that appear easy can often turn out to be more challenging than they initially seem. And one of these things is styling a white shirt. However, our styling tips can help you turn your regular white shirt look into a sophisticated look that aligns with your style.

What’s your favourite go-to when it comes to pairing a white shirt? Lucky guess: it depends on the occasion or your current clothing options. Well- it does, but don’t forget to consider your body type when choosing the most appropriate fitting.

When it comes to dressing, your body type is an important factor to consider, as it dictates how well your outfit will complement you. 

Here’s an article that elaborates on why your body type is important when it comes to dressing: Men’s Clothing Style Guide for Different Body Types.

So, with that said, let’s dive into the four different ways to style your white shirt.

With chinos

Chinos are a wardrobe staple for men as they can be worn during formal and informal occasions. How versatile, right? And the best part is that they are available in neutral and bold colours.

A formal white shirt and chinos make a perfect laid-back smart casual look ideal for work, an interview, or any other of your formal engagements. Additionally, throwing in a blazer is a great way to layer up during cold weather.

Wondering where to get custom-fit chinos? Check them out here: men’s custom chinos.

Smart-casual outfit idea

2-Ply Glacier White Oxford Shirt

Royal Sand- Corduroy Chinos

With dress pants

Dress pants are like the more formal version of chinos. Pairing a white shirt and dress pants is a complete business casual look- a conventional dress code for most workplaces. What’s your workplace’s dress code?

Business casual outfit idea

Executive Dress Pants - Dark Grey

Soktas Star White Twill Shirt

With denim jeans

Jeans are like white shirts- they will always be a staple due to their versatility. Pairing these two forms a laid-back casual outfit that will leave you looking well-polished. 

In apparel, jeans and white shirts are a ‘power couple.’ Below is an illustration of how this combo blends; what type of jeans do you pair with your white shirt?

Casual outfit idea

Arctic White Linen Shirt

Frizzy Indigo- Soft Stretch Jeans

With knit pants

Generally, knit pants are known to offer comfort. And if you are looking for stretchy and breathable pants that give an illusion of formal pants- our four-way stretch knit pants are your best bet.

Knit pants are available in a variety of colours, thus allowing you to wear them to formal and casual occasions as you please.

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Smart casual outfit idea

Canvas White Vintage Washed Oxford Shirt

Shift 4-Way Stretch Knit Pants

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If you love black shirts, this is for you: The Best Black Shirt Combination Ideas for Any Occasion.

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