Different Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own

Are you tired of the constant outfit dilemmas that plague you on work mornings or anytime you need to pick an outfit? It often manifests as an anxious-avoidant relationship with your wardrobe. And when you finally muster enough courage to face your wardrobe, you feel overwhelmed by the shirt choices. 

This could be why you keep on wearing that same old shirt. It’s probably not because it’s the comfiest shirt in there- it could be that you’re way into your comfort zone, majorly because you find choosing the perfect shirt exhausting.

And rightfully so! Choosing a shirt for the day can be challenging, whether you have a closet full of shirts or one that needs more shirts. And even though both of these scenarios are different, they may share the same challenge- a lack of variety.

We’re here to help you transition from checking out your wardrobe cluelessly to checking yourself out in the mirror with admiration. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the different types of shirt styles to find the right one for you.

What Makes a Quality Shirt?

A good dress shirt must be of excellent quality. You can tell a good shirt by:

Its appearance- does it have loose threads? Are its seams or button holes finished?

Its texture and material- is the texture to your liking or in line with the fabric used?

Its collar quality- is it stiff or rigid enough?

The fit- does it have a tailored fit?

The pattern- does the collar pattern match the rest of the shirt?

Creating a shirt of superior quality requires attention to numerous intricate details. Over the years, Bombay Shirt Company has perfected its craft and continues producing unique quality custom shirts for all your occasions.

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A good, stylish shirt can do wonders for your look. Are you into button-ups or button-downs? 

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How many different types of shirts do you own? Here are all the different types of shirts you need to add variety to your closet.

Men’s Shirt Types 

Shirts are an essential piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Men’s shirts are available in different fabrics, patterns, collar designs, sleeve designs, and so forth. These factors give rise to men’s various shirt styles.

However, not all shirts are created equal- the distinction between men’s shirts lies in their design and intended purpose.

Formal Shirts for Men

Formal shirts are also known as dress shirts. They are made from premium cotton, linen, wrinkle-resistant or silk fabrics. They mainly have a conservative theme that includes neutral colours and understated patterns.

Other characteristics that make formal shirts stand out include the following: 

Cuff design- often incorporates french cuffs, which are complemented by cufflinks.

Collar design- is mostly stiff for longevity and features wing collars, Ozwald Boateng collars, club collars, button-up collars, and many more.

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Button- mother-of-pearl is a staple material used to make buttons on this shirt design. It adds premiumness to formal shirt styles.

Not to mention formal shirts are also available in a variety of tailored fits, namely, super-slim, structured, and relaxed.

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Some of the different types of men’s formal shirts include:

Oxford shirt

Houndstooth shirt

Twill shirt

Striped shirt

Checked shirt

Knit shirt

Dobby shirt

Satin shirt

Herringbone shirt

Formal shirts are especially suitable for work or special suit and tie occasions such as weddings.

Casual Shirts for Men

While casual shirts are also made from similar fabrics, they are the more relaxed option of the two and can be styled with different types of pants to achieve a dressed-up or dressed-down casual look.

So how can you distinguish a casual shirt from a crowd of formal shirts? You can start by checking its collar- ideally, casual shirts have less stiff collars. The collar design mostly features button-downs, camp collars, or spread collars.

Unlike formal shirts, which have french cuffs as the most common cuff design, casual shirts incorporate regular button cuffs. The same simplistic theme applies to the buttons made from materials such as plastic.

If you’re one with a flair for bold shirts, you’ll love casual shirts as they feature a wide variety of bold colours and patterns.

You could pop up in your favourite casual shirt for a night out, brunch, date, and similar events to achieve a laid-back look.

The different types of casual shirts include:

Denim shirt

Flannel shirt

Brushed shirt

Casual cotton shirt

Casual satin shirt

Casual striped shirt

Casual knit shirt

Both formal and casual shirts are very versatile shirt options. They are available in long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt designs. 

It’s also important to note that both can be dressed up or down accordingly. Ultimately, choosing the right shirt depends on the occasion and the desired level of formality.

Best Custom Shirts for Men

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We previously highlighted what to look for before purchasing shirts. However, it might not be possible to do so when purchasing from an online store. That’s where our fit-smart technology comes in to ensure you get a front-row seat when designing a shirt of your liking.

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It’s time to elevate your wardrobe. Connect with us to get yourself comfy, high-quality shirts that are appropriate for your body type.