One White Shirt: 5 Ways To Wear It

Often undermined, a white shirt is one of the most powerful pieces in your closet. It’s got the potential to be worn differently, for different occasions. Wonder how? We bring you 5 ways to regurgitate that same white shirt and suit your need.

1. Wear it with your black suit – When in doubt about what to wear to a formal event, turn to a black suit and your humble white shirt. Polish your look with a slim black neck tie. This classic combo is a saviour and makes you look dapper without trying too hard.

2. Wear it with denims – A no-brainer, trust this combo to take you from a casual day at work to a drinks night with ease. Team it with sneakers or loafers, and you’re good to go.

3. Wear it with trousers – Take that same white shirt to your boardroom meeting – team it with a pair of slick grey or navy trousers, and oxford shoes for maximum effect.

4. Wear it with shorts – Give your khaki shorts an upgrade – pair your classic white number with them for a lazy Sunday brunch or a chill day at the beach.

5. Wear it with a printed suit or jacket - Whether it’s checks, stripes, or a floral print – count on this white shirt to be a suitable companion. The key is to tone things down, and your white shirt lets you do just that.

The amount you can do with that crisp white shirt is endless. But the above are some of the simpler ways to make the most of this hero shirt lying in your closet. Time to get started.