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    If you order 3 or more shirts on your first order, we will send you a trial shirt for size confirmation.


    Our fabrics are sourced from only a handful of mills across the world. We work closely with our mills as partners, working on refining and adding the latest innovations when it comes to fabrics.

    Learn about fabric mills here.

    To learn more about different types of fabrics, click here.

    The life of your shirt depends on how you treat the shirt and the inherent fabric. Follow our simple wash care instructions to understand how to best care for your shirt, click here.


    Our shirts are carefully constructed at our network of workshops all across Bombay.

    We use only the finest raw materials when putting together our shirts. Our interlining which is fused to the collars and cuffs, is sourced from Germany. Our buttons are specially manufactured for us. Our threads too are of superior quality, able to withstand higher levels of stress.

    To learn about some of the nuances that make our shirts different, click here.


    We do not hold any shirt inventory with us – we start working on your shirts once an order is received.

    All our shirts are made to measure. This is different from Bespoke. Learn about the difference here.

    Our proprietary software FitSmart, takes away the nervousness of providing your custom measurements online. Answer a few simple questions, and voila, you have your custom measurements ready to be saved and used.

    To learn more about FitSmart, click here.

    If you already have a shirt that fits you well, send us a shirt as sample. We’ll replicate and save the measurements for you for future use.

    For those who prefer standard sizing, we have that option too.