Men's Premium Shirt Guide

A shirt is among the most important piece of clothing item for men. And that’s why it’s vital to get the choice right. A shirt can drastically change your outfit’s outlook and thus can easily make or break your look. 

Unlike regular shirts, premium shirts are built for longevity, comfort, and so much more, making premium shirts a far much better investment. Premium shirts ensure you get your money’s worth. 

However, buying premium shirts from a trusted brand is just the tip of the iceberg. So much more goes into selecting the perfect shirt, and today’s article tackles that to help you make an informed decision.

How to Pick the Best Shirt

Perfect, right, suitable, etc. (you get the drift) are all very relative terms; thus, they carry different meanings for different people. The trick to getting it right is first to define your perfect. Is the perfect one blue? Does it have a solid print? Must the fit always be snug or fit just right? Is it reflective of your style?

Once you figure that out, it will be easy to single out your non-negotiables and make the right choice. Here are some tips to help you navigate your future shirt choices.


One major unspoken rule when it comes to clothes is that if the fit is wrong, then everything else is, unfortunately. And rightfully so, as we can all attest that it’s usually hard to make an outfit work if the size is off.

It’s easy to overlook a shirt’s collar style, colour, and fabric in some instances, but on the contrary, it’s tough to do the same with a shirt that just doesn’t fit. 

A shirt that fits perfectly will not only leave you looking well put together, but it will also enhance your best features. And hence why this is the most critical thing to get right.

With custom-made premium shirts, you need not worry about the fit, especially if you took the measurements correctly. Thus, it is best to have your measurements taken by a professional. 

Check here for more information: Talk to a stylist for free 99.

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Your shirt’s fabric dictates the comfort level you’ll experience, particularly if you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated.

For instance, if you have contact dermatitis and often get eczema flare-ups, stick to non-irritant fabrics such as cotton (preferably 100%). Other eczema-friendly fabrics include satin, linen, silk, and any other fabric that is gentle on the skin and breathable. 

Silk Shirt

Linen Shirt

Cotton Shirt

At Bombay Shirt Company, you get to enjoy full disclosure of all the materials that went into a shirt’s production before purchase. We are big on transparency and always ensure this information is available on our website.

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Colour is particularly important for several reasons. It could be that you prefer subtle colours instead of bold colours, or your workplace has a strict dress code. In that case, opting for neutral colours is wise if your workplace enforces a strict dress code.

Neutral Colours


On the other hand, for more casual occasions where the dress code is less strict, having a variety of coloured shirts with playful prints can help to create a well-balanced shirt collection. 

Playful Prints

When it comes to colour - the name of the game is balance. Achieving a balance in colours is key when it comes to selecting shirts. 

Having a wardrobe with shirts catering to formal and casual occasions is a significant advantage. It ensures you have various options, allowing you to easily create outfits that match any event’s specific dress code requirements.


Choosing a shirt style that is ideal for most of your occasions is another plus. The two main shirt styles are button-ups and button-downs. You can dress these stylish shirt styles up or down to suit any event or setting. 

Button-ups are a suitable option for formal events. They feature buttons on the front and cuffs, making them ideal for dressier occasions. On the other hand, button-downs have buttons on the collar that keep them in place and are perfect for more casual events. Investing in both styles can provide plenty of shirt options and ensure you’re always appropriately dressed for any occasion.

Button-Up Shirt

Button-Down Shirt


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Attention to detail is what sets a premium shirt apart from a regular one. 

When selecting a premium shirt, paying attention to specific features such as mother-of-pearl buttons, double-stitched seams, and a high-quality collar that maintains its shape even after several washes is essential. 

Mother-of-pearl Buttons

Double-stitched Seams

These details not only enhance the shirt’s appearance but also demonstrate the care and attention that went into its construction.


Once you have evaluated all the factors that are essential for selecting a premium shirt, then comes the issue of where to purchase your premium shirts. With many brands available in the market, finding a trustworthy brand may seem like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. And that’s where we- Bombay Shirt Company come in. 

Best Premium Shirts for Men

If you’re looking for a reputable and well-established menswear brand, you’re in luck! At Bombay Shirt Company, we produce high-quality shirts and always strive to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of our clients. 

We pay great attention to the finest details and use fabrics and weaves from some of the most reputable mills in the world. Our vast menswear collection includes premium formal shirts, casual shirts, and more! All our shirts are custom-made, and you can further tailor every little shirt detail to your specification from our website.

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